Youjo Senki Episodes 4 & 5: Can Tanya Overcome Being X?

Youjo Senki Episodes 4 & 5: Can Tanya Overcome Being X?

Episodes 4 and 5 of twisted loli anime, Youjo Senki, come with more troubles for Tanya as she falls right into God’s elaborate trap while her own plans fail.

Tanya is enjoying the military college life; she’s being respected since she has a medal and she’s also a brilliant student. She even gets approached by Zettour, a military general, and gets her opinion asked on the current world affairs. She claims that if things continue to progress like this, we might see a world war because the neighborhood won’t take the rise of a big European power that easily.

Things start looking bad for her when she comes off as a coward wanting to avoid war so she quickly changes her approach to appear as somewhat aggressive with good plans. Tanya thought that she was doing perfect and working her way to the rear with connections in the top brass to boot. Little did she know that she was playing right into kami-sama’s hands.

All this was an elaborate plan by Being X to round up Tanya and put her in another unwanted situation. Zettour had Tanya write up a report on the ideas she gave and through that, helped promote her as a perfect fit for the rapid response force. Tanya dug her own grave by trying to be over efficient and has ended up stuck with having to go through a billion applications for a place in the rapid response mage force even though she advertised it as the most dangerous job in the world.

The way she chooses the members for the battalion is also deemed quite strict by Zettour; they have to detect hologram magic to make the cut and almost everyone, save for a few dozen, fails in detecting it.

Tanya is forced to speed things up so she asks for a month to train the men she has chosen. And with Tanya as a trainer, you know things won’t end well. Viktoriya anticipated this and took evasive action even before Tanya showed the true nature of the training regimen. “Torturous” doesn’t even begin to describe what crazy things the loli put them through.

What Tanya had in mind was that she’ll have the chosen men go through hell and then be left with almost no one which would lead to her removal as the battalion commander because of her high standards, or ditching of the entire plan itself. But to her dismay, the “maggots” ended up bearing through it out of fear that they might die at Tanya’s hands if they give up midway.

The battalion’s first mission ends up being in the south where they’re up against a 0.6 million strong Dakian force. But the problem with this army is that it only consists of infantry which makes them sitting ducks in front of the flying mages. It’s a bloodbath as Tanya and her underlings obliterate nearly all of them. Some four dozen mages end up wiping out the 0.6 million strong army.

The war basically showed that while there are the technologically advanced Germans and French, they are too backward and don’t have any means to counter higher tech. Another aspect it showed was the difference in the way Tanya saw things and the way the others saw things. Some of Tanya’s men were backing off a bit when they saw the enemy aiming towards the sky. Tanya knew for sure that whatever the enemy did, they wouldn’t be able to shoot down any mage. But the others didn’t believe so.

Tanya also thought that this 0.6 million army was nothing while Viktoriya was pretty freaked out seeing its size.

After wiping out that army, Tanya moves towards the HQ and ransacks the place leaving only the place’s commander intact. After that, it’s off to the nearby capital where they blow up a weapon storehouse.

We see some Aoi Yuuki awesomeness here as she switches from crazy twisted loli voice to cute loli voice. Tanya uses a cutesy voice to warn the people of their incoming attack as per international war laws. This loli sure is having a fun time with all this.

But despite everything going so perfectly, we can’t help but feel that something is off here. Even Tanya had a hard time believing that the enemy was sending unencrypted messages with accurate information. It is possible that Being X is planning something.

Rerugen is pretty suspicious of Tanya and doesn’t want her leading an important battalion because of her reputation. There is something of interest regarding Rerugen in episode 4; while he was reading Tanya’s report, he seemed to know Tanya for more than just that incident while she was a trainer.

Episode 4 was low on the action side but the following episode covered up for that nicely with some sadistic action. Things seem to be going too perfectly but we’ll have to wait and see what kami-sama has in store for our evil little loli.

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