Youjo Senki Episode 8: Heartlessness Suits A Loli

Youjo Senki Episode 8: Heartlessness Suits A Loli

The eighth episode of Youjo Senki has Tanya on the front lines once again. It’s more of the same but we get some progression in the plot here.

Tanya is back at the Rhine front but now she has another mission. One of the cities they captured from their Republican neighbors is rebelling and, as should be expected, the Republicans are giving them all the support they can. Tanya’s mission is to quell the rebellion. And how do they do that? By force of course.

But there is one problem. If the rebels are in the city and they’re carrying out a cleansing mission in the city with an army, doesn’t that mean that innocent civilians will come under fire too? So how does the Empire plan on preventing the loss of innocent lives? Actually, they don’t.

They will issue an evacuation order before their attack and anyone still in the city after that would be deemed an enemy. Tanya is to eradicate most of the enemy mages and make way for an artillery barrage on the entire city. But doesn’t that mean that the whole city will be reduced to rubble? Yes. Yes it does.

Tanya is well aware of the fact that the evacuation order is just a formality and that the Empire has no interest in protecting the lives of the innocent. It is later revealed in the episode that the plan from Zettour was based on one made by Tanya regarding how a battle should be carried out in cities.

The mage battle in the city looks pretty neat with the camera movements and all. At times it looks like something straight out of Attack on Titan which is a good thing.

The battle in the city results in the Republicans losing quite a few men. The artillery barrage subsequently follows and the city starts burning. The Republicans are left with no other choice but to run away while trying to at least protect the citizens they can. But the mages protecting those citizens are a problem for the Empire’s artillery barrage and Tanya is ordered to eliminate them all.

The battlefield is a world of kill or be killed; if you don’t kill the enemy today, they’ll come back to get you tomorrow. For this very reason, in Tanya’s eyes, even those not attacking right now are tomorrow’s potential ennemies. Of course there are people who believe that the innocent must not be harmed, but this is the battlefield, and on top of that, we’re talking about Tanya, so obviously humanity will be thrown out of the window. Under the excuse of “it’s an order from above,” Tanya beats up, and possibly even kills, a second lieutenant who didn’t want this kind of inhumanity to go on and stood up against the loli major.

At the very end, it is revealed that the army general Tanya supposedly killed miraculously survived. How did he survive? Kami-sama saved him of course. Being X hadn’t been seen for quite some time so here he is. And it seems like he’s granted the general some sort of power to defeat the “devil.” Since his eyes turn yellow, we can assume that he has some power similar to Tanya’s where only he can use some strong mage equipment. Zettour also has something in mind for Tanya which is also Being X’s doing. Things aren’t looking nice for the little girl.

The episode had some cool fights and it seems like the production issues were because of episodes like this. NUT wants to give us some high quality stuff but the folks can’t seem to manage it right, hence the one week break.

The depiction of what goes on in the battlefield was pretty nice. For the sake of victory and to ensure that the enemy doesn’t make a comeback, some less humane stuff must be done.

Tanya’s as twisted, cruel and badass as ever. She’s planning on punishing one of her subordinates for getting injured. You don’t even need to see her treatment of her enemies to tell how heartless she is.

With kami-sama getting a pawn to attack Tanya directly, things can get rough for our evil loli. Sge’s has already fallen for His master plans before too so we’ll probably get to see the same now too. This loli never learns.

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