Youjo Senki Episode 11: Amazing Sakuga, Questionable Outcomes

Youjo Senki Episode 11: Amazing Sakuga, Questionable Outcomes

Youjo Senki unleashes the sakuga in its penultimate episode as this is the show’s most sakuga heavy episode yet.

NUT got all the talent they could lay their hands on for this episode to make it the most visually stunning one yet. The entire first half is a treat, as the fight between Tanya’s men and the enemy battalion is beautiful. The explosions, the entire fight, the choreography, it’s all spectacular. The battle is thrilling from the moment Tanya engages them, ’till the moment Anton explodes in his last ditch suicide attack.

Anton’s group gives Tanya a tough time but her men bear it out till the very end despite being heavily outnumbered. There are no loss of lives which isn’t exactly good. It’s like they’re trying to give it a happy ending. We’re not saying this because we don’t like the characters and want them dead or anything; the thing is that having Tanya’s side losing no one while only enemy forces die makes it seem like Tanya’s group is immortal or something. The only one super strong is Tanya; the rest don’t have the technology she has. Since the enemy better armed here, it would have made more sense for some of Tanya’s men to die so as to show that the enemy really is dangerous this time around. No one dying kind of ruins the threat Anton’s men showed in the beginning.

The enemy was only betting on Anton to deliver with his blessed powers and their mission was to only eliminate Tanya which is why they didn’t give chase and waited for Tanya when she went into the clouds, and also didn’t continue the mission after Anton exploded. Their entire plan rested on Anton alone.

As Tanya takes care of the attacking mage battalion, the ground forces also emerge victorious on their side. The Empire has an overwhelming victory; the Republicans surrender and there’s an armistice. The Republicans are to withdraw their army and the Empire is also thinking of getting the Republican colonies for themselves.

Enjoy the amazing first half’s best sakuga moments:

The problem here is that there’s been a ceasefire agreement which means that the war isn’t exactly over. Since it hasn’t ended, and the Republicans still have their army, there is every possible chance that they can stage a comeback with help from their allies. The biggest problem of having a large territory is that the number of open spots increases. The Empire can be kept busy at another front while the enemy attacks from where they’re weak. Anything can happen at any moment.

Tanya has figured this out through what Viktoriya tells her about the situation. She orders her men to return back from their vacation ASAP as they’re going to hit the retreating enemy forces at the Brest military port to end the war once and for all. But that was not meant to be; even Tanya’s special privileges don’t work here as strict orders come from Strategic command that the armistice is in effect and must be followed. Tanya cannot take her men out to attack.

Tanya’s fears are that under these circumstances, the war may not be over for quite a while and the enemy might even pull off a comeback which could threaten their victory. Either they end the war right now, or risk losing later on. It’s a now or never situation, but apparently no one is paying heed.

Tanya’s little fit of anger is probably because she doesn’t want to be on the losing side as this would also be what Being X wants. It could also be that she wants to wrap things up as quickly as possible so that she can kick back and relax for some time, though we’d rather believe it’s more of the former.

Strategic command has something in mind obviously. They’re not going to let the enemy escape just like that after such a brilliant victory and risk everything. This may very well be a plan similar to the one they just pulled off: appearing to give the enemy the upper hand only to put them down later on.

This eleventh episode has been a thriller, the first half in particular. Except for that one episode in the middle, NUT has been consistent with their visuals and this episode is testament to their visual prowess. They managed to get quite the talent on their side.

The end is a suspense filled one as what Tanya feared may end up happening, but at the same time, strategic command may have something up its sleeve It may not seem like it, but they’re heating up for the finale next week. Let’s hope they deliver some brilliance.

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