The Weekly Samui – Winter 2017 – Week 9

The Weekly Samui – Winter 2017 – Week 9

All in all, an awesome week for anime. Maybe Winter 2017 is not as bad as we think it is! Also, there is no Fuuka episode to roast this time so I was able to appreciate the greatness of the other series airing this week.


Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

Oh my God. This has got to be the best episode of the season. Can this show stop spewing greatness week after week? In fairness to Studio DEEN, they notify the audience in advance if ever something grand will happen in a Rakugo episode. The OP showed a montage of naked Miyokichi and a red-eyed Sukeroku so I prepared myself. Turns out I was still surprised with the events in this episode.

First, am I the only one who thinks that the first half was deceptively positive? I mean, Yakumo finally accepted the fact he loved Miyokichi despite taking everything from him. His rakugo performance was art in pure form, coupled with awesome artwork DEEN was saving for this crucial moment. Yakumo’s farewell to her is moving and a bit creepy. Did I cry? A bit but I was too busy appreciating the effort the staff put to make his rakugo performance an art.

However, if you are keen with the direction and Yakumo’s unusual actions, you will probably realize the optimism the show brought earlier is a farce. I appreciated Sukeroku finally having a proper dialogue in this episode but damn he did not have to be that scary! Yeah, I know it is all in Yakumo’s head, letting go of things he loved so he can now die. Yet the show’s visual representation gave us a field trip to be macabre. Too bad, Yotaro’s perpetual optimism and his penchant for rakugo do not let him die for now.


ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

That hilariously misdirected shoujo scene aside, this episode opened a can of worms about Jean’s past. Well, this is kind of expected but I adored the way it was told from Nino’s point of view. Finally, the slow pacing worked in ACCA’s favor and this episode felt like a breeze instead of a heavy-handed flair. Well, this episode answered the Prince’s suspicion as whether Schnee really met her death from a sinking boat and Dowa’s persistence to keep the royalty locked in the palace.

What I am amazed in this episode is on how loyal people can get despite forgetting the original purpose of their deed. Nino inherited the task of observing Jean, for a very different reason. The master kept on doing the job despite Schnee marrying a commoner. It’s just a sad thought to be honest. Worse? I wonder why the Dowa royalty banished her from the family despite her forward-thinking nature.

Little Witch Academia

So it was Sucy’s episode and her pent up emotions. It was better than Lotte’s episode given the allusions to famous fairytales (Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland, anyone?). Again, Akko saved the day and somehow forged a stronger connection with Sucy. Now, please proceed with the main plot. I am okay with these episodic flairs but I pray for more.

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen

Let me put my main complaints first before I praise this episode. I do not get why the show is presenting the character conflicts all at once. It makes the pacing very cluttered and makes me think this adaptation is now rushing all the contents because of the leisurely presentation earlier. In addition, it rendered the resolution of Yukio’s dilemma about Rin anti-climactic. Just please do not screw the moments where we need to be excited and we’re good.

On the other hand, woah woah. The action is in full blast here. Damn! Everyone is busy with their own conflicts but Rin keeping (or should I say trying to) his cool is the best part of it. His failure will screw their fight against the Impure King and he still cannot draw the Koma Sword. You can do it, you lovable shounen lead!

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2

It was a funnier episode than usual all thanks to these crazy Axis believers. Say, we know how scum Aqua is but damn, I did not expect her followers to be the same! Well, the city suits Aqua so well – very beautiful but can scare you away when the residents open their mouths.

Another noteworthy aspect here is Kazuma actually having a thing called shame? Wait. The dude who stole panties, dragged Darkness and called Megumin a loli is actually a conscientious person?! I was too busy laughing when he refused the offer too many times, knowing his comrades caused the trouble in the first place. Maybe KonoSuba 2 will end on a good note after all? I hope so.

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