The Weekly Samui – Winter 2017 – Week 8

The Weekly Samui – Winter 2017 – Week 8

Well, there comes this part of the season where most shows are in their cool-down mode after finishing their respective mid-arcs. I was mildly impressed by most of the entries, but this week is not that bad if you take the collective quality of these shows. Let’s start!


Little Witch Academia

Hey there. Don’t put on a surprised face now that Little Witch Academia is my most favorite show this week. I am not putting Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen first because this week encapsulated what I hoped for Little Witch Academia to become. This episode was a marvel of Akko’s characterization, whimsical fun and some good world-building that makes us more familiar with Luna Nova.

In most series, the examination part tends to drag on for so long it gets tedious. Maybe it is the show’s awareness but Little Witch Academia had the guts to skip the mundane and focus on the important points. We now realize Akko can indeed perform magic, yet she is still a dunce in terms of mastering her skill. The show emphasized that magic is now outdated and it’s as if Luna Nova is merely a living relic that awaits to wither by itself. Nevermind that, Lotte’s fixing magic is awesome you know!

Now let’s focus on Akko and her stint this week. The poor girl has no magical lineage and it shows. I swear to God I smirked at her failings during the examination. Yet then I felt bad for her. It is as if she is becoming aware that her dream of becoming the next Chariot is getting grimmer minute by minute. Thankfully, her simplistic stance makes her a pretty optimistic character. (Perhaps this is what Flip Flappers lacked last season?) Another thing that makes Akko fascinating is her ability to hold no grudge to those who bully her in school. This week probably peaked the level of Dianna’s cohorts to bully her, and those teachers’ lack of belief in her potential. Then there’s Akko, acting without a single hint of anger towards them at the end of the day.

As per a typical Little Witch Academia episode, we go on an adventure (this time Akko is the sole cause why that incident happened) and I can say it was fun. Akko probably learns from experience, and not from theoretical whatnots, no? I cannot wait to see what will happen next week.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

Let me clear things first – this is another great episode coming from Rakugo but it has glaring flaws that left me a bit cold towards the end. The production values begin to crumble, those wide shots have good background but damn those awful character designs. Moreover, the animation also a tad off in this week. Lazy transitions filled this episode, just to avoid still images that plagued most of Wit’s works. Lastly, I am quite ambivalent with the final scene this week. Was it too sudden?

I mean, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu’s biggest strength lies with its core characters. Hence, the sudden involvement of the yakuza we saw last episode felt random. Was it moved? No. I hope the show will not pull such a twist again in the future.

Now to my adoration. Konatsu and Yotaro are directing this show to a hopeful conclusion. Their companionship is slowly turning into romance, and color me teary about this suave development. Yotaro’s performance of Sukeroku’s last rakugo was just damn moving. I had trouble controlling my emotions in Yotaro’s performance because of the scant piano piece and his poignant interpretation.  In a sense, it feels like Sukeroku: Futatabi-hen is the anti-thesis of the first season’s dreary affair. Perhaps Yakumo is slowly being dragged toward the light again, and I hope he gets there before he dies. He also began to take a softer stance towards rakugo, and thank God he was stopped by the couple last minute in his suicide attempt.

PS: Higuchi’s stalking skills are over 9,000. Did that dude just collect every single thing about Yakumo?


ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

As usual, the show has a wealth of intrigue in which we will get hooked, but it simply lacks the ability to deliver the hype. Jean being a royalty is one thing, and Nino’s real employer is another interesting plot point in this week. Also, it makes sense now why the Prince is following Lota. Thank God it’s not out of love or something.

Yet then, we go again with this show’s wordy nature and focus on the mundane. I know food aficionados will love the cakes but ACCA has focused on food too much for my comfort. Ultimately, the show may be faulted for its lazy pace but you can never dismiss it for being shallow.

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen

Well, thanks Captain Obvious. Yukio’s inner demon is drawn (Gasp. It’s Rin!). Who else saw this coming thirty episodes ago? In fairness to this show, it presented how empty the poor dude is. Having a predetermined life over him sounds too painful to bear.

I am not sold with Tatsuma being alive, it is as if deus ex machina is in full force here. He was just stabbed in the neck, then he is okay? Moreover, someone please explain to me how those invisibility cloaks work? One minute, they’re invisible then they are now seen even without taking them off? Give me a break.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2

There goes this show’s problem of dragging funny jokes until they become irritating. The only new perk I can say is their elaborate journey on their way to the hot springs. Hey – that caused a good joke or two, so this week might be decent after all. The first skit is also good, damn Megumin for going gaga over a normal Kazuma and Aqua.



So the idol and Haruna became a thing. Then the show’s development halted as well. We do not need a fucking date when your Fuuka is about to hit the climax. We also do not need another instance of Koyuki falling over Haruna because you made it freakin’ obvious since the second episode.

You know what is worth noting in this episode? There are two things, actually. Let’s begin with the bad one. Fuuka’s characterization stalled again this week. We know – the girl is confused about her feelings (and probably she is in love with Haruna). The show just loves to drop lame hints. Seriously.

Now to the good one. The last minute of this episode. I hope Fuuka will drop the band and create more interesting conflicts in this show. Yet I guess that came a tad too late. Too late.

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