The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 8

The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 8

This is the part of a season where shows begin to have their respective transitions to the finale. I would not say this is a boring week for anime as I enjoyed the most of them, but I have some reservations. Let us start!


The Eccentric Family / Uchouten Kazoku 2

This is probably the most dramatic episode among all the shows I watched this season. To be fair, I even think it had a freaking climactic moment and was great, but I am now unsure as to where this show will go. As you can see, the Thursday Club and the Friday Club finally had their first meeting, Ebisugawa tried his damndest to work his way there. Then there’s Benten who simply loves to shatter the flow of everything in a good way.

Yasaburo is at fault too, to be honest. His efforts to induce a reverse psychology to the Friday Club backfired badly. Imagine the horror when Benten recommended Yasaburo, instead of Ebisugawa, to be in the tanuki-eating Friday club. Well, that’s where the drama, not normally seen in this tranquil series, happened. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I daresay it is like an AnoHana scene was inserted in this series and bam, it worked for me. The final moment of this episode is haunting, proving The Eccentric Family 2 can still breach the high ceilings its first season made.

Little Witch Academia

Another great episode, but that is because of the natural dynamics between Diana and Akko. You pretty much know by now that I am not a fan of Akko in her stubborn mode but I will let it pass this time. This is because the recurring theme of breaking traditions comes in again, and it was done tastefully to be honest.

I also love how this show gave Diana more depth in terms of her background and characterization in the past weeks. She is just a kid like Akko who had her own dreams but was forced to mature because of her circumstances. Unfortunately, she may not be able to become the family head for now but I say I want her to enjoy youth. I have issues on how archetypal the portrayal of her auntie was, but they’re just plot tools anyway.

Going back to Akko, her stubbornness and her chemistry with Andrew were really great this time. It takes a lot of guts to butt into a tradition that dates thousands of years back just to save Diana. I probably enjoyed this episode since they are now going through to the main plot. Either way, I am pleased.


Seikaisuru Kado

This episode is a big ball of weirdness to be honest. From the jarring shift in CG to hand-drawn animation to the budding plot, I was really fascinated just because of its quirks. Nonetheless, I felt like this episode was meant to showcase the chaotic nature of the Sansa despite its honest intentions, and some more interesting points.

Let us focus on the production values first. Both of the CG and the hand-drawn animation were individually well done. The CG parts were unusually snappy for this kind of show which makes me think Kado is one of the best-looking shows in this aspect. The hand-drawn animation, on the other hand, gives an appropriate atmosphere for the festival.

Now let us go to the more important parts where zaShunina is becoming more human. Perhaps it is because of his accumulation of knowledge from the books he reads. You know, I am just waiting for him to see how low we humans can get for him to make a critical judgment later. Also, the Sansa he introduced and the montage to show its effects were nothing short of creepy, but in a good way. It’s just that I am weirded out by the kaleidoscopic presentation.


Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan 2

Take the execution of a typical Death Note episode and viola; you pretty much get how Attack on Titan worked this week. That’s for the better since this is Attack on Titan at its most verbose and this episode needed some quirks for the audience to get glued on the screen.

Well, Reiner is suffering from split personality disorder now that he greatly performed his roles as a soldier and a titan at the same time. We also saw how Marco died. Yet did it just imply Reiner, Berthold and Annie were involved with his death? That was really creepy, but there was nothing new in this episode beyond those.

High School Star Musical (Star Mu) 2

Welp. Star Myu is on a safe course to finish the second season but color me underwhelmed on how that issue with Ageha was solved. Sure, the dude holed himself in his room for (let’s say) two days then Hoshitani showed up and saved the day. I just have to thank the kami-samas that it is charming enough to sit through.

PS: Can’t they just reveal the ancient’s final mission now? Was it about Hoshitani? I don’t know but I am curious.


I was really frustrated with this Re: Creators episode. First, Sota was downgraded to your typical spineless protagonist and like I said, the twist behind Altair’s existence was already out in the open five episodes ago. The trauma he had because of the death of his friend (or past self, if you ask) was a refreshing detail but it does not remove the fact he was directly involved there. Second, did you just kill the best character in this show? I guess dark magical girls are a reliable source for some tasty character development. Other than that, we are still in our goddamn expository phase and I pray to God we get to move so soon. Magane’s fun to watch though – it really feels like Ougi from Monogatari pops up whenever she is on the screen.

Granblue Fantasy

I guess this will be the last time I will cover GranBlue in this post because I have run out of things to say. This is not bad, but it follows the textbook fantasy journey of early 2000s too much. While this episode showed some edge against earlier offerings, I cannot say I remembered the things that unfold three hours after it aired. I got to say the visuals are relaxing to the eyes, though.

So long, GranBlue Fantasy; but I am not going to drop this because I am still having fun.

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