The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 7

The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 7

Does anyone still remember me? I am back from my one week slumber! My busy schedule aside, I think last week’s offerings were so mediocre I only thought of writing ‘this episode is blah’ and ‘why am I still watching this?’ when I watched those. The shows took a recovery this time, and I guess I can write more about these series.


The Eccentric Family/Uchouten Kazoku 2

For the past two weeks, I was brought back to the immersive and whimsical world The Eccentric Family usually evokes. Ebisugawa finally reappeared and boy, this show’s crazy went up a notch again to justify that the existence of this sequel is necessary. The show’s main antagonist finally joins the Friday Club and it was disturbing to think about his disregard for his own kind. For better or for worse, Yasaburo was literally brought to Hell all thanks to Ebisugawa.

Well, the most amusing fact about this episode is Benten exercising. I grinned when she defeated these Japanese demons one by one. Moreover, I love how the staff is paying attention to the details of Japan’s version of Hell. It was a very satisfying episode in that aspect alone but the story is thankfully catching up at this point.


High School Star Musical (Star Mu) 2

There I was thinking that the mechanism of this Graduation ceremony performance was ridiculous, and Haruto thankfully brought it up. I mean, individual performances were kind of disregarded since the winners will be from the same team anyway.  If Kuga and Tengenji win their respective roles, it is still futile if Hoshitani, Nayuki and Tsukigami mess up. Hence, turning the test into individual auditions make sense.

Anyway, this is a very fascinating and layered StarMyu episode. Hoshitani realized that Otori is the man he admired three years ago and I was chuckling with his reactions after. Are you a character from a shoujo manga?! Well, he will find a way to deal with it later anyway. I also love how Hiragi changed from being a drama queen to a reliable upperclassman this time. His pieces of advice for Hoshitani make perfect sense.

Another good aspect of this week’s StarMyu is Haruto dismissing Ageha’s performance as dull and unoriginal. It was actually perfect in terms of movement and in tone.  Yet as Tatsumi says, it is the reason why Haruto is displeased with Ageha’s rendition.

So if I am babbling this much, why I didn’t put StarMyu under Great? That’s probably because I hate how the joke about Nayuki’s misunderstanding ran throughout the episode. It was funny at first then turned to annoying later. Moreover, the random music video of the week was musically and visually weak.

Little Witch Academia

I was about to write off this episode as EH? since the show was supposed to ditch Diana for good. Then Akko stormed her way in to the Cavendish household. To be frank, I am still looking for the spark this show gave in its first cour but at least it was not as dull as in its past few offerings.

Looks like Diana’s house was in bad shape. Her aunt’s selling off the heirloom of the Cavendish family and Andrew’s father is not interested in their remaining assets anymore. Diana left the academy to become the head of the household and she has to complete the ritual that takes years to happen again. On a more fascinating note, I smirked when I learned she is from the lineage of the Nine Old Witches. That was cool.

On paper, that offered a very great premise, only that the presentation is a tad too rushed and lifeless. Diana hasn’t gotten any screen time since like, four episodes ago so I can’t care for her that much. On the other hand, I am curious what Akko will do to bring her back to the academy and retain her status of the head of the Cavendish.

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan 2

Mostly a cool down episode after the epic offering last week, but I somehow adored the show’s exploration of Mikasa’s feelings towards Eren. Yeah, this is predictable granted the show’s status as a relative of typical shounen, but the execution was fine. However, I am beginning to get disturbed with the pacing. Tell me there will be a second cour! Erwin’s just about to go and rescue Eren from his fellow shifters! I mean, this is bound to have a very terrifying ending at this rate. Not that I am complaining.


While this is my most favorite Re: Creators’ episode to date, the issues I have with this series were actually amplified. Let me tell my complaints first.

Damn this show’s inability to at least give suspense as to who the Creator of the Military Uniform Princess is. We learned it was Sato weeks ago and the show still treated it as the big plot twist secret until now. Also, what the hell happened to that girl anyway? Her scalawags are now fighting against each other and she is still not appearing to quell them. I also hated the show’s way of talking more than before even now that it’s going to roll the plot.

Now to my praises. Did someone place Ougi from Monogatari and the staff decided to give her murderous intent there? I mean, the girl is crazy and she knows what she is doing. To be honest, her archetype is the most fascinating to watch here, along with the sword guy and the one who has a mecha robot. Most importantly, do magical girls really get the best character development in a deconstruction? Mamika has been delivering some pretty good lines and awesome decisions as of late.


Granblue Fantasy

While Shingeki no Bahamut is making a name as one of the best mobile game adaptations, there goes GranBlue Fantasy adhering to every trope from the fantasy genre. The first two episodes are boilerplate since we have seen pretty much everything it does. On the other hand, the production values are okay (except for that ugly CGI dragon) – A-1 Pictures have a knack for making their first two or three episodes good looking. Now let’s dissect what I didn’t like about this premiere.

Gran is MC prototype #2345 (Sorey 2.0?), Lyria is your manic pixie damsel clone and Katalina-sama (hot!) is the hotter version of Erza but with more emotions. It is also a shame the premise reminds me of Comet Lucifer (UGH!), especially with its decent execution of a clichéd story. Lastly, I want to burn that annoying mascot that accompanies Gran.

Fortunately, GranBlue’s energetic presentation was more than enough to keep me awake in these two episodes. If you got bored with the first episode, the next one is much better in establishing its world. Just do not ask me what is original about the plot so far.

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