The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 4

The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 4

This week can be summarized as a whole lot of blah, as if these shows are preparing for the resolution of their respective first arcs.


Little Witch Academia

Finally, the show addressed the terrible aspects of Akko’s behavior and attempted to correct these in this week. Akko is terribly impatient with things, and she is really abrasive when she wants to have things quickly. So the spectacle that happened in Lotte’s house in the form of that moss epidemic was really nice to watch.

I also love that Lotte can be proactive given the right moment although she fell victim to the sickness somewhere in the middle of this episode. Sucy also throws the right question about Professor Ursula knowing so much with regards to awakening of the Seven Words. What I did not like was the show’s uber convenient response to it. Chariot and her were classmates? Ugh. Also – I wonder what Little Witch Academia will do with the brewing plot it built two episodes ago.

High School Star Musical (Star Mu) 2

Can we have an episode full of Tengenji, Kuga and Toraishi? Damn, I know this was supposed to be that week where Hoshitani found his groove for the auditions but everything around him became more interesting.

Tengenji is already a working professional, unlike the other Ayanagi students who are still studying the basics. In exchange, and in a very poignant manner, he lost much of his youth for practice under the strict supervision of his father. I really, really love the way he encouraged Hoshitani in this episode despite his taxing schedule. Kuga, on the other hand, was juxtaposed nicely with Toraishi in a way that the former is really aiming to become a professional actor and the latter has yet to have an end in mind. Well, I know Starmyu drops palpable introspection and this season really needed ones like this.

Another point that really hooked me was the perception around Hoshitani’s lack of greed or ambition. True, Ageha wants the role as pointed out by Tatsumi, and Hoshitani wants to be there just because. Well, someone please show the dude the identity of that person he admires! I guess that will be great. Lastly, the comedic chops were spot on once again.

Now to what I really did not like. Where’s Tengenji’s kabuki performance? Damn it!

Granblue Fantasy

Woah – this GranBlue Fantasy episode is actually the best one yet. I mean, this show just executes a time tested plot and it can be enjoyable. Their goal to tame the wind goddess was visually good, at least in my eyes. I guess the fans are very happy with this episode.

Other than that, there is nothing much to say except that the crew is already complete to embark on their long journey. Can we now have the main plot rolling?

Seikaisuru Kado

This is a really peppy Kado episode and I am beginning to warm up to Shindou and zaShunina. It reminds me of the first week where the show dared and succeeded to present people and their perspectives about the cube and zaShunina’s appearance. Shindou is just a really weird guy when he is not negotiating. It is hard not to smile at his conversation with Hanamori and Tsukai because he knows where to put the right puns and the right underhanded tricks at the same time. Meanwhile, zaShunina is nicely adjusting to the customs of the Earth and it makes me really afraid. He does not have a concept of right or wrong as far as the morals of this planet are concerned and imagine if he gained some later. Yikes.

On the other hand, I love how things are escalating all thanks to the Wan. The United Nations sees it as a threat, zaShunina is aware that not all countries have the same intention to use the thing and the Japanese government must decide on a direction for this issue quickly. I smell a brewing war.


The Eccentric Family 2

I was complaining about the lack of Benten in this season of The Eccentric Family then she appeared. Did this move make the show much better? A bit, but I am still not convinced as to why this sequel exists. I must admit that the scenes just become much cooler every time she appears though.

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan 2

That was a dry episode to be honest. We get a backdrop of Krista’s character and I guess her kind nature is just for show since she is more of an empty shell. More importantly, the Ymir x Krista ship is sailing nicely without the pandering. Then we got some juicy revelation about Ymir being the Titan that ate Reiner and Berthold’s friend when they were young.

Again, the execution leaves to be desired in those moments. The absence of background music and the subdued voice acting really left me cold with it. On a positive note, that moment when Levi’s reinforcement appeared was just really cool. We can have less Eren though. He is annoying.


Imagine a reverse isekai genre where the characters from your favorite novels are brought to the real world. Re:Creators is a novel idea on paper, but the execution was a bit too somber for me to enjoy. The action scenes were cool but someone, please tell me what is going on in the midst of that sakuga and bickering. In its defense, the show told bits of it but I can live with some exposition since it is the damn premiere.

Other than that? The characters are nothing much to write about, and I am afraid they will be downgraded to basic quirks next episode. You better not. Ugh. The dialogue is average but I can say the direction saves this series from being meh.

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