The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 2

The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 2

Seriously, this week feels like I got a hangover with the shows I loved the last time. Maybe it is because second episodes rarely surpass premieres and we only hope these will start sizzling next week. Let us start!


Little Witch Academia

I was wondering how Little Witch Academia would proceed with its newfound plot. Thankfully, its answer is good enough to sustain the breezy flow, but I am still not convinced that Croix is a good character or a good antagonist. To be honest, I love this Little Witch Academia episode but I am not happy with the show’s treatment of Dianna. The poor girl is now feeling down and Akko further shamed her in front of the beasts and her fellow students. There’s a limit to how much Dianna can take the high road or Akko to play the carefree witch. Moreover, I know Akko is easily pleased but damn, she was caught too easily by Croix’ schemes.

For the positives, I appreciated this show’s take on labor strikes. Luna Nova’s faculty members are still dumb as ever, making me excited for their downfall later on. Seriously, it makes me think that Little Witch Academia might not be a children’s show after all.

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan 2

Shingeki no Kyojin 2 is still bad at presenting foreshadowing but boy, you can never fault it for the thrills. While Sasha went triumphant with her mission, Connie fell into despair and Araki made sure the horror was amplified to the point of discomfort. Again, do not mind the main plot as you can see the twist fifty miles away. When the poor disproportionately shaped Titan welcomed Connie home or when the soldier pointed the lack of blood in the village, you should have gotten the clue. Also, the pacing improves this time, although it remains clunky in some parts. Three episodes in and Eren’s group is still stagnant in terms of development. Just how long will they continue to talk?

Let me tell what I loved about this episode though. Ymir and Krista are finally getting their moment and I was glad about the dynamics of their relationship. Shingeki no Kyojin probably mastered the art of inducing spooky atmosphere and raising the camp when needed. The moment when the soldiers met halfway was really good – making me wish Shingeki no Kyojin was the same throughout.

The Eccentric Family 2

The Eccentric Family is one of my all-time favorites and I cannot contain my excitement to watch it again. How was my experience with it? More of the same, to be honest.

The fictional Kyoto is whimsical as ever courtesy PA Works’ animation prowess. The main leads are still quirky and the world building remains excellent, making this premiere a breeze to watch. In fairness to this sequel, they’re trying to inject some plot even when I am not sure the first season’s characters or conflict have been fixed yet. Yeah, the first episode retained its weakness in terms of selling the new characters.

Why am I supposed to care for the family issues between the tengus when we got a whole lot of tanukis last season? Why not present the result of the election last season? Why did we get a new character and made him the center of this arc right away? Just why did you remove Benten from the story when she needs some serious characterization? The Eccentric Family could have started with her for the better.

Well, this episode is not bad. It’s been hailed as one of the best this season and I actually agree. It’s just that I cannot contain my disappointment with the path they chose at the very beginning. Ugh.


Seikaisuru Kado

Welp – this was a crappy episode in terms of visuals. Thankfully, Kado makes up for this mistake by trying its best in terms of the story. I thought they would lazily tell things inside the cube a la Death Parade’s second episode, but they did not. Instead, Shindo made his negotiation with the alien to communicate with the outside. There were moments of chuckle here, especially the part when Shindo haggled with the preparation time for the Japanese government.

I have a serious concern with this series though. I am loving this at the moment but this can fall apart similar to ACCA last season if the grand revelation falls flat. Why did the alien come in contact wotj Earth? Is he a threat to Earth’s freedom? Anime kami-sama – make this Seikaisuru Kado good until the end, please?

High School Star Musical (Star Mu) 2

So Starmyu decided to play it straight like what it did last seasons for the better. You got gazillions of characters and you can never ever give them emphasis on the screen. You got the team auditions this week and Team Otori made the smart choice to put Tsukigami and Tengenji with the hardest roles. That way, they can hide Hoshitani’s inexperience as a performer. I was also wondering where Inumine (the charming dog from Team Hiragi) was, then he made his epic entrance. Color me happy with what they did.

Now for the things I did not like that much in this episode. I sincerely hope Ageha is there to serve as the anti-thesis of Hoshitani rather than the show’s antagonist. His characterization is also a bit shoddy so far and I am starting to get irritated with his attitude. Starmyu does not need a villain in the first place. They can just create some effective drama later in the form of character introspection.


I almost wrote off the second episode of Re: Creators this week until the magical girl appeared and caused havoc in the city. Their confusion caused by the sheer difference from their respective worlds and their complaints on how their stories are told were nicely captured here. To be honest, Re: Creators mirrored Saekano’s meta-criticism of anime shows for once and it worked. You can’t say the same with the first half of this episode though.

The explanation as regards to the goals of the military girl last week was so lazily handled that my attention drifted somewhere else. That is a shame since there’s some vital information and foreshadowing the viewer might miss if they totally skipped the first ten minutes. Now – if Re: Creators learns to show things rather than tell, I guess this can be a homerun in the long term.


Granblue Fantasy

For the love of flying unicorns, why am I yawning? The tepid execution ruins the show’s vivid artwork and the non-action scenes are a chore to watch! So, they ended in a town and met new characters? Yeah, this is so original that I can predict where it’s  going. Worse, Lyria is just there even when Gran is doing his best to make an impression as a passable lead. He is still generic though – at least in the anime adaptation.

If there’s one good thing in this episode, that would be Katalina. She made some ridiculous reactions which fooled me into thinking she was an archetype in the first episode. The artwork is admittedly pretty as long as CGI isn’t used. I still want to burn that annoying mascot though.

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