The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 12

The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 12

A show’s climax has to be really memorable and moving, or it will just go down with whatever build up went into it for the past weeks. The same can be said with cour-closers, granted that the audience needs to have something to look forward to in the show’s latter half. That being said, I must say this has got to be the most deflated climax (or season ender) I experienced since Summer 2015.

Note that I am appraising the shows on a higher standard this time since season enders are usually strong. To be honest, everything here is passable at worst – but we are talking about the peak of Spring 2017. Let us start.


High School Star Musical (Star Mu) 2

While I still stand by the fact that this season was two episodes too long, I ultimately warmed up to its whimsical ending. I may not have seen the whole play of Lights and Shadow, but the musical interludes this time were just fun to watch. Everyone is comfortable with their own roles and I cannot help but crack a smile while watching these boys sing their final number. This is kind of the antithesis to the desperation I felt with its first season’s conclusion.

That being said, I still can do without the hilariously contrived situation Hoshitani got himself into. Yeah, we know he is going to perform despite his injury. Honestly, I felt bad for Inumine. That boy was deprived of meaningful screentime this season, and so was Hoshitani’s group. Worse, I ended up asking myself what the hell Ageha accomplished in the bigger picture. His segment was good but ugh… it felt a tad too long.

Seikaisuru Kado

Let us just call this the build-up episode towards the climax. I honestly think this episode is good, very good even, but I am reserving my praise because the ending can make or break Seikaisuru Kado. I loved how Shindo stuck to negotiating and how he was aware that his plan to stop zaShunina is ridiculous. Saraka, on the other hand, managed to forge a palpable relationship with him. Seriously, that kiss burned my zaShunina x Shindo ship, but I am not complaining. That was well-timed given their circumstances in the show.

Then there’s zaShunina who got the Kyubey treatment (in the Madoka movies). I am mildly disappointed that the staff had to put an antagonistic vibe to him since his usual self actually makes the show alienating but alluring at the same time. His yandere moment with his Shindo clones was good, but I can do without the malice they put into his character. Oh, Shinawa was able to decode the mechanism behind Kado. I just hope he finale utilizes the hell out of it in order to save the world from becoming one with the anisotropic.


Uchouten Kazoku/The Eccentric Family 2

Meh. That was a retread of the first season’s climax without the poignancy; to be honest. Someone’s bound to get eaten again by The Friday Club and someone from the Shimogawa family will save them as usual. The narrative got so contrived for my taste at that moment that I thought this episode had nearly shattered the usual grace of The Eccentric Family has. Ebisugawa is still the ultimate villain for God knows what reason, and the show has a lot of explaining to do for it not to come off as trite or heavy-handed.

For the good points, I like how Benten has an actual sense of remorse. She shed tears by knowing Yasaburo was about to be eaten by the Friday Club. Other highlights of this episode were Yaichiro losing his cool just to headbutt with a train and Nidaime and the real Kureichiro foiling Ebisugawa’s plan. I do not know if a single episode will answer my lingering questions, but I hope it just ends well.

Little Witch Academia

Here’s a trope-y climax for you. I always suspected along the way that the final twist in this show would be Croix losing control of her inventions, which would be the final bosses. She is not inherently bad but something about how her character was portrayed left me cold. I wondered why we had to spend entire episodes on characters whose importance is lesser than that of Diana’s instead of fleshing her out. That stupid riot also ate too much time given Little Witch Academia was already busy finishing the Croix and Chariot fight.

That said, I seriously felt nothing about the supposedly poignant moment between Akko and Chariot. Should I cry? Why am I not feeling anything? Perhaps my mind is too busy processing the things that occurred in the show, but I also wondered why it chose this route. In fairness, I love how the Grand Triskelion just wouldn’t respond to any holder except that of the Shiny Rod. That was great.


Just when I thought the action would pick up starting this episode: dang, we got another verbose affair. Seriously, I love the idea Meteora is selling (a crossover work is cool to be honest), but the execution left me cold again. Moreover, I also kind of like the moment between Aliceteria and her creator. Looks like the dumb knight finally woke up to her senses and did something logical this time.

That said, anime is a visual medium. Let the characters move! Damn it. Monogatari compensated its dialogue-heavy nature with its quirks, then you get Re: Creators that does this akin to a documentary. Are you done telling your sob story now Sota? I cannot root for the wimpy main lead and his reasons for abandoning Setsuna. At least we get Matsubara who is not only likable but also talks a lot of sense. Can we now move on to what Meteora is saying at the end of this episode?

Granblue Fantasy

I do not know if this is a filler episode and A-1 Pictures just wanted to thank the fans for making the adaptation a success. Why the hell do we get an episode about Djeeta (I suppose she is Gran in a parallel world)? I mean, I appreciated the fanservice a lot, but I wonder why this show put a halt to its story just when it is beginning. It was so bizarre to be honest. At least they did not do this like that stupid mid-season placement of Berseria in the Zestiria show, right?

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  1. Granblue Fantasy with its fanservice. They so effortlessly replaced Gran by someone who is completely different in every way and made it look like Gran wasn’t even there to begin with. That’s not how you treat your protagonist. Sure he was forgettable, but you don’t just go and replace him just like that. If they wanted to show Djeeta so badly they should have introduced her as a member of the crew instead of making her the MC for a day. But I don’t mind,really. I didn’t like Gran that much anyway so it’s not like I care. I kinda like Djeeta’s personality here. She feels way better than Gran along with being cute and more confident and badass. Makes me think that the show could have been way better with Djeeta as the MC instead of Gran since she gets along so much better with the rest, especially Lyria, than Gran. Gran was close to Lyria, but Djeeta’s relationship with her feels much more worth watching. Both are the same when it comes to being leader material, but Djeeta has more personality than Gran. Would be nice if they made a spin-off type of thing with Djeeta as the MC and show some twists to the original events with the different MC. A sequel with Djeeta as the MC would be good too.

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