The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 11

The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 11

Woah – we are now about to end this season. Well, actually, the most anticipated season of Attack on Titan ended this week and people are having serious trust issues as to when the third season will air. That aside, this week has got to be the most deflated climax I have experienced in my seasonal watch.


The Eccentric Family / Uchouten Kazoku 2

While the first season’s trajectory to the climax is coupled with poignancy, this one is founded on vileness and callousness. Benten and Akadama-sensei turned their backs on Yasaburo despite their insensitive choices for the Trick Magister election. The latter tried to escape, granted that Benten will no longer protect him from the Friday Club’s hands. There’s the false peace the event tries to evoke and it’s effective in instilling this unsettling vibe throughout the episode.

The rest of this episode is a build-up for the climax and The Eccentric Family did it right. Kaisei appeared to speak with Yasaburo, and we already know the latter turns back to tanuki just by seeing her. Tenmaya appeared and bam! Both are doomed to be eaten in the year-end celebration of the Friday Club. I cannot wait to see what will happen next.


Little Witch Academia

Flashback time! I normally skip flashback episodes since these are rather boring to watch but I think Little Witch Academia has done this at the right time. We saw how Chariot rose and fell from the spotlight, and how she was used by Croix in her experiments. I also had sighs of relief by knowing the show is aware that Diana watched the show too and temporarily lost her magic. Then she gave Akko the push to continue believing in her dreams, and we were done with this episode.

Well, everything was presented in a very somber manner that feels a bit dull, but it works given it isn’t the show’s usual tone. I also wish there wasn’t much dialogue given it deflated Diana’s revelation to Akko about her being a Chariot fan. Maybe it was my misplaced expectation but this episode is still too somber for my taste.

Seikaisuru Kado

It is funny how a single line from this episode ruined my otherwise great experience in this week’s Kado. For the naysayers – deal with it, Tsukai is the other anisotropic that dived in the universe when it was formed. She lived her life by transferring her consciousness from one organism to another until she became the Tsukai we know now. It is not as if you did not enjoy the psychedelic visuals only CGI can pull in the beginning of this episode. I also love how powerless Shindo is in the situation, and how he was sandwiched in the mess of the anisotropic. A copy of him was created by zaShunina, and the latter lied about their circumstances. I am so curious on how this stuff will be resolved.

However, it seems that the pacing in this episode is faster than usual and Kado loses some of its grace by doing so. The horror of zaShunina forcing to accelerate humanity’s development still feels real, but his quick devolution to an antagonistic figure does not feel right. Did we miss an episode about his transformation? More importantly, Tsukai’s line about being the universe’s biggest fan felt like a line excerpted from generic light novels. That had a very bitter aftertaste.

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan 2

The finale of this Attack on Titan episode is sure an epic, but it has shortcomings I cannot ignore. Mikasa’s supposedly poignant moment with Eren is hilarious in the wrong way, Hannes’ death was just a plot tool and the final moments in this episode are just too downbeat. The action felt repetitive too, granted that the horror of these Titans now wore off. Worse, I just cannot remove the image of Armin flailing his sword to a Titan, as if he was scaring a dog. That was plain stupid.

Again, the ceiling of this episode is also great, now that Eren discovered that he can control Titans. Seriously, that was a very exhilarating scene to watch and I am much willing to give this season a pass just because of that revelation. Well, this season ended right where I expected it to be but things had to drag just to get there.  See you in 2020 for Attack on Titan S3, I guess? Just kidding.


High School Star Musical (Star Mu) 2

The show ran out of steam before it ended. Worse, it pulled a last minute drama that really, really feel contrived. What’s even worse is the whole season revolved around the audition for the play and we did not get to see the whole of it? I mean, what we got was a heck of still images meant to stretch the time and make it to the final episode. What the hell was that?

For the events, they went into dress rehearsals and the play itself. I do appreciate the fact they put some details on how things go in backstage (a nervous Kuga and Nayuki’s tea gag are funny) but not to the point of sacrificing the actual play. Damn it! The only good parts of this episode are Kuga confessing his compelling reasons for siding with Hoshitani all this time and Tengenji prancing around the stage for his part. The final twist also felt too stupid to take. What was that?


So the complications in the plot and Magane’s annoying dominance in screen time is apparently Sota’s fault. I adore the show’s way of showing it to us straight faced but it does not mean I have sympathy for the guy. Especially when it was revealed that Sota is just a scum who got jealous of his friend’s rise to popularity in the internet. This is truly a hallmark of a useless main lead, no?

On a more positive note, the opening of this episode was really poignant. Kanoya can do wonders at times even when he is designated as that annoying teenager. I find it ironic that he can console Sota when the latter is supposed to be older and was much more mature. Perhaps the best part is when Seleysia is speaking with her creator about the story she came from, and I was tricked into thinking that this episode would go on like that.

Granblue Fantasy

There has to be a second season of this show, isn’t it? Twelve episodes in and I just realized that Gran is still collecting his pokemons friends to embark on a journey. That was not my complaint in this episode though. I actually got used to the format of GranBlue Fantasy and its non-adherence to skimpy costumes, and then this episode shattered those. Not only that, we saw a mumbo jumbo appearance of characters whose names I did not bother to remember. Who are they and why the hell did they appear on the screen? That alone made the jam packed finale of that Danganronpa show last year blush.

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  1. I liked how Granblue Fantasy showed all those random characters in the end who are possibly important characters in the original story but won’t get their screen time because there won’t be a second season, hence they showed up here to try and please the fans. They had no purpose here other than fanservice because the problem was solved by Eugen and Gran/Lyria in the end anyway.

    Also, I laughed so hard when Armin was flailing his sword at that titan. That finale was funny for the wrong reasons. It would have been even more hilarious if Mikasa and Eren had kissed with all those titans in the background.

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