Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Ten

Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Ten

I take back what I said last week – Fall 2016 is down a fizzling note. You know what? This is the part where shows should have had their respective climax. Unfortunately, I ended up being underwhelmed with the final twist in their respective stories or wondering why am I still watching them at this point.


Flip Flappers

The penultimate episode of Flip Flappers did not waste time in explaining everything – at the expense of everything else. So Cocona is the daughter of Salt, and Papika is her sort of godmother. I am sure the show told the narratives in an exquisite, easily understood manner. However, what this episode failed to accomplish was to emotionally invest the audience in the backstory. Cocona was also relegated to a damsel in distress after her magnificent breakdown last week. Mimi is one-note, and Salt’s descent to the way he is right now felt jarring to be honest. This episode reminds me of Neon Genesis Evangelion where things went south, but without the thrill nor the disturbing feeling.

However, I love the sakuga in this episode. The staff sure knows how to use these to magnify the terror of Mimi’s powers. The lake scene also evoked a feeling of sadness and redemption – too bad, the rest of this episode failed to follow suit.


Yuri!!! on ICE

Or more like, the episode where 50% of the frames were recycled animation. This is the freakin’ Grand Prix. They’re supposed to be the figure skaters at that moment! Do we really have to hear them narrating their motivations and struggles while doing their short routine? These spoiled my enjoyment to be honest.

Just let the players skate at their best! For fuck’s sake, this is the second to last episode and do we really have to insert some random drama for a side character at this point? I would have bought JJ’s intimidation with Otabek’s skills if the latter has been properly introduced earlier. Man, I know I will anger a lot of fans here but Otabek is dull and so is his routine. Oh, the dude has his mini-backstory and it’s kinda cute. I am not sure the climax is where you should place that though.

On a more positive note, I love Yuri’s gesture of setting Victor free after the end of this competition. The dude just knows he’s restraining Victor but without knowing the latter was inspired by his tenacity at this point. JJ’s stumble also produced one of this show’s emotional highlights. I am one of those who liked him before it was cool. Yet I got shivers when the audience literally cheered for him when he performed badly. Finally, my heart was broken to pieces when I saw his girlfriend cheering for him while crying, and seeing his forced stance after getting the lowest score in the short program.

I hope the ending will present them skating in their top condition, and for a clean resolution to Victor and Yuri’s relationship. You can do this, Yuri on Ice!


Kiss Him, Not Me!

Apparently, this is another funny Kiss Him, Not Me! episode but I thought we would get a more compelling arc than this. Don’t get me wrong, I am rooting for Mutsumi-senpai and the resolution of his arc is kind of sweet. Yet darn, I can’t help but feel underwhelmed when a villainous figure has to appear for the group to tremble like this. Moreover, is this the series’ climax? I know that Kiss Him, Not Me offered episodic flairs but this is not the best way to end this show.

Other than that, the comedic moments are really funny. I love how Mutsumi’s brother messed up with Igarashi and his gang. The card game was a riot to be honest. The brothers get all too chuuni with the fight while everyone around them has no idea with that they are doing. That was comedy gold.


Oh – another show that has an enjoyable offering this week but again, what was supposed to be a series’ highlight feels like just a run-the-mill episode. I don’t particularly care about Nozomi’s enemy at this point. Just end this tepid fight already.


Zzzz… Next!


Probably the only one that has a semblance of climax in this group, Occultic;Nine squandered the horror with its unnecessary lengthy dialogue. I get the antagonists had their reasons but I think they would have been more interesting than sprouting dialogues of nonsense which can be summarized in a few words. Instead, I am just looking at them indifferently and waiting for the whole affair to be over. Moreover, I am thinking that Minase arc’s closure felt like an afterthought, and so with Izumi’s involvement with the show’s larger plot. The confrontation scene in the restaurant with Izumi is one rare circumstance where there is an actual tension in Occultic;Nine.

I smirked with the subplot coming to a final resolution though. Gamotan’s the focal point to stop the evil organization’s deeds. Ryotas will be the key. Sarai and others will help the two. Why does it feel like Steins;Gate all over again? Nevermind, the show has auto-piloted itself to the end anyway.

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