The Weekly Samui – Winter 2017 – Week 12

The Weekly Samui – Winter 2017 – Week 12

Freedom! We are finally cursing.. err… cruising towards the end of this season. It is high time for us to get up from our slumbers and welcome the warm Spring. Only that Spring 2017 is not shaping good either. Anyway, let us start running through the end of these shows.


Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

Folks, the best show of 2016 and 2017 has finally come to an end.

Yotaro might say something pleasant like rakugo will never go away, but this show just ended and left a large void in my heart for days. I remember bawling like a child the moment the credits rolled, uttering “This can’t be happening.”

Back to the epilogue, yes, the eighth generation Yakumo is officially dead and Yotaro decided to ultimately take his name. Yotaro’s daughter is just like him and unfortunately inherited his dim demeanor. Shinnosuke grew up and is surprisingly a hipster as opposed to the sunshine kid he was episodes ago. This does not feel jarring at all because the show has a knack of jumping into time skips smoothly.

Then for the ‘controversial’ thing people ended up talking the most for this episode – just who is Shinnosuke’s real father, as asked by Higuchi? I like how the show did not confirm nor deny the theory that Yakumo might be the one (well, since the two had a complicated relationship after all), but love how Konatsu is just screwing with him. She playfully told him things which may or may not be taken at face value. I love how she teases Higuchi and makes it as if his theories are true. Some things are better left in the dark I guess.

Little Witch Academia

Pinch me! Something called plot is forming in Little Witch Academia and the previous episodic contents begin to make sense. We still do not know what the Seven Words of Arcturus will bring to Luna Nova but at least we’re given some things to look forward in the future. Dianna’s search in the library provides some nice exposition but I hope this segment will produce good revelations in the future.

Well, that’s not the reason why I put Little Witch Academia in this group. This episode sealed my belief that Akko is a well-written character and it shows. Akko knows what she lacks but she will not trade her past experiences to become like Chariot in the future. We know the road for her to reach Chariot’s level is going to be ridiculously hard but I am rooting for her.  Her sense of optimism is not child-like at this point, granted her humbling experiences in the magic school.


ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka

I know I wished for some action in ACCA but it did not have to be that limp.  Yeah right, Jean was about to be assassinated but was saved by Nino. We already the show’s humble production values so good luck repeating that scene in your mind as near-still images plague the scene.

The coup attempt is now finally setting in motion and Jean actually consented to his role as the next King. What I do not get from this is the caricature-ish characterization of Lilium and Grossular. Just why is Grossular tied to Lilium? The latter’s reasoning for ruling over ACCA is a trope to be honest. Mauve is fine but I am wonder what her role is to this show since she stopped associating herself with Jean.

Now, I am skeptical whether the coup will really happen. I am betting for a cop-out and we can all say ACCA is a mild disappointment this season.

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen

The much needed humor the season season lacked was brought in this finale and I say that they should have done this peppy presentation from the start. The running gag about Rin being the son of Satan was helplessly funny and so with Shiemi putting Rin in the friend zone. Moreover, the bro moments between the latter and Yukio are heartwarming to be honest, which left me frustrated because this show can be actually compelling if it wants to.

Well, there are hints of greater plot developments here and there but anyone who watched the first season already knew about these. Mephisto planning stuff? Check. Yukio hating himself? Check. Rin trying to control his flames and aiming to beat Satan? Check. Man – what else did this season add to the Ao No Exorcist franchise in the end?



So Fuuka ended, and no one will remember this show three months from now except for the stupid plot twist that was supposedly made to make the show less stupid. I felt relieved at some point. No more roasting Fuuka every week. No more trashy and distasteful romance that I was forced to watched every Saturday. I am now finally freed from the burden of blogging about this boring hell of a show.

As for the series itself, I smiled in resignation when the plot autopiloted itself to a happy ending. Fuuka came back to the band (surprise!) and there was this sub-par confession scene on the school’s rooftop. Hey – we know Fuuka is a sort of sequel so the titular character from Suzuka has to appear to give her some pieces of advice, no? Ugh. So Fuuka and Yuu are now a thing. Let us now leave their romance in the dust for good, shall we?

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