The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 5

The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 5

Little did we know, the first half of Spring 2017 is almost done. I am still pretty lukewarm with my watch list this time, but my heart couldn’t take it if every season w<as dominated by a Rakugo-tier show. There is no Fuuka so far yet there’s no Mayoiga-level of hilaribad either. Anyway, let’s begin.


High School Star Musical (Star Mu) 2

I wonder when Starmyu will deliver something on par with the ceiling of the first season since this season is cramming a hell of a lot of characters over 13 episodes. This week aired and I am floored with the combination of creative random music videos and tasty character drama.

So the practice took its toll on Tsukigami, whose musical performance gets worse. Then there’s Hoshitani who still suck with acting but has the aptitude for the former’s role. Granted, an external force in the form of Ouzumi told them to switch roles, and chaos ensued. I seriously loved the tension in this episode and how Kuga levelled up from the show’s kuudere to a freaking delinquent.

That aside, everything else works great too. Tsukigami realized he only chose the role because it was the one his brother played before. He finally let go of his insecurity through the help of Hoshitani and that was simply cathartic. Tsukigami has weaned off from his brother’s shadow and decided to create a path for himself. Now that I think of it, this was the other mission of their upperclassmen. If only Ageha realized this fact.

You may fault Starmyu for being nondescript but not for its sincere delivery. With that, this is slowly becoming a worthy sequel.

The Eccentric Family 2

Thankfully, the show went back to the basics by bringing the focus back on our lovable tanukis. Predictably, this is also its best offering to date. Do not get me wrong – I still think this is an unnecessary sequel but this episode makes me think that more of this show might be good after all.

Or perhaps I am a sucker for love stories. Yaichiro and Gyokuran’s story is quite cute, heartwarming even. The former refused to play shogi for years since his tantrum when they were young. Gyokuran still feels guilty for purposely losing to him. Of course, this wouldn’t be an Eccentric Family episode if there were no wacky moments. The showdown between Yasaburo and the twins was quite entertaining although I won’t call it funny.

This episode is not perfect though. I mean, the very beginning of this Eccentric Family’s offering is anti-climactic given the tension last episode. Meh.


Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan 2

I cannot pinpoint what was wrong in this episode. To be honest, I actually had a good laugh when the biggest plot twist this season was thrown as if it were coming from a nameless side character. What the hell was Araki thinking when they presented that pivotal moment? Color me fascinated.

Yet the execution was so dry. The whole thing lacked tension but that’s coming from someone who has read the manga. Where is the climactic score you boasted four years ago? I was expecting fireworks but I got crackers. Mikasa’s reaction when she heard the revelation was priceless though.


This is Re: Creator’s best episode to date given the show has done nothing but lengthy dialogues for the sake of exposition. Some action finally happened even if it only lasted for minutes. I also appreciate the fact that they did not drag that plot twist I’d thought of by episode two. Now Sota, enjoy the horrors of forgetting your own creation.

The Japanese government finally made its intervention to solve the mysterious appearances of these fictional characters. Fortunately, the conversation between Meteora and that government official was peppy enough. I snickered a few times then the next thing I realized, the episode was over. Hey, I guess that is a good thing.

Seikaisuru Kado

Unfortunately, this is a bit underwhelming from last week’s lively presentation. Probably because Shindou is not doing weird things again and we do not see much of the scientist’s eccentricities. I mean, the first thing you do when you meet zaShunina is to eat his hands? Someone give this girl a medal!

Nonetheless, I also like how Tsukai poses opposing thoughts to zaShunina that he should not have told the people about the Wam. The protest also makes sense granted the fear of the unknown is too strong within the United Nations. With the Prime Minister pressured to take action, zaShunina gave a proposal and it was crazy.

I was amazed by how they trolled the whole of United Nations by teaching people to make the Wam. I still do not buy the idea but man, they opened a can of worms with this revelation. I kind of wish for a faster execution though.

Granblue Fantasy

I normally loathe series that are carbon copies of countless shows but GranBlue’s innocuous execution is hard to hate. They hop from one island to another, get a mission then they meet the Empire’s agents. I guess the way they begin this arc is okay. The archduke is missing and Gran has to find him only to be in a perilous situation later.

Yeah, I am sure they will get over this. Just bring the action.


Little Witch Academia

Yeah, you are reading it right. I am not enamored with this episode in any way. The insertion of the red herring through the form of the Holy Grail was forced and it pains me to criticize my favorite Spring show so far. If that is a way to show Croix’s budding scheme, then Trigger has done it wrong. On a positive note, thank God Akko now realizes that a simple object will not revive the Words. Yet this felt like a copy of the previous episodes without the whimsical joy this show normally has.

Do not get me wrong. The action scenes are still amazing. Akko and Amanda are a fascinating pair but the show needs to do something new or just proceed with finding the Seven Words sans the side trips. I do not get this episode at all.

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