The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 3

The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 3

Three weeks into Spring 2017 and I am sure you already picked your initial favorites, or dropped the shows that disappointed you. Let us start!


Little Witch Academia

This is Little Witch Academia’s most action-packed entry to date, but why am I feeling a little unsatisfied this week? Is it because Croix is an archetype? Is it because I am slowly losing my fondness for Akko? Is it my need to see more of Dianna in the front lines? I don’t know, but I am sure the sakuga cannot hide the fact that I am feeling a bit iffy toward this episode.

That aside, there’s more of the plot exposition this week. The integration of science in magic is interesting, to say the least. Moreover, the history on the rise and fall of witchcraft is also believable backdrop in this series. Akko has to revive the shiny rod by knowing the Seven Words, Croix wants that staff for her scheme and Professor Ursula is still guiding Akko.


Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan 2

Okay. We have seen this episode before – I guess this is similar to the part where Levi’s squad was killed by the Titans. Perhaps the terror it produced was so intense, that I cannot help but compare that scene to this week’s Shingeki no Kyojin. In fairness to this episode, I enjoyed the characters’ banter before the chaos. The Ymir and Krista ship is real folks! Well, we do know that since season one but it was confirmed just now.

This was okay if we’re speaking of the action, and that is vital to a series that does wobbly foreshadowing and plot presentation.


Again, I really appreciate the writers’ role in Re: Creators. It is really fun to see the characters complaining to the author about how they wrote them. Now, imagine if a member from a harem springs back to life in this anime. I also like the gestures the show presents this week – like how their power on Earth is limited to their character descriptions, or how they cannot just create any changes without broad acceptance of the viewers.

Then again, good luck spending half of this episode on mostly talking. It was really frustrating that they used this approach to present a very interesting premise. Ugh.

High School Star Musical (Star Mu) 2

After watching the OVAs this weekend, I therefore conclude this season has yet to reach the poignancy and the creativity of season one. Hoshitani’s likability is getting higher than ever but I am not sure whether this episode is the right way to do it.

So it was the cultural festival in the middle school of Ayanagi Academy and Tatsumi invited Hoshitani to see it. Coincidentally, one of the actors got an upset stomach so someone had to replace him. Amazingly, Hoshitani filled that void. It was quite predictable but I am getting some good ol’ Starmyu with this, so I guess I am fine. Also notable was Toraishi’s sudden visit to Kuga’s part time job and that was comedy gold.

Other than that, I am still shaking my head in frustration with the presence of Ageha. The dude may be a villain figure but he has to present more of himself now. Damn it. He is just a snobby student that happens to be the focus of this arc; the show keeps on showing he wants to be like Haruto, but he lacks the meat. I am also not convinced he can be a good source of drama. At least for now.

Seikaisuru Kado

Lo and behold the horrors of CGI in this week’s Kado! I was too busy laughing when zaShushina’s arms were zooming in and out of the screen. Gosh, what were they thinking when they animated that scene? I was so distracted that I forgot this was actually a good episode if you took a look on the dialogue.

The alien offers something that Earth really needs – an infinite source of energy, and I am waiting for the humanity’s greed to take over. Shindou may be able to negotiate with him initially, but zaShushina presented an argument on his whims. Well, there’s this budding plot about Japan having a surplus of the heart – and the alien wants it. Ah! This is going to be another Kiznaiver if you take the sci-fi premise then throw the teenage drama to the sidelines! Hmmm? Not bad.

Granblue Fantasy

This is a pretty passable episode if you go into it without expecting much. For the diehard fans of the game, I guess they are really happy seeing the characters appearing on the screen. After all, A-1 Pictures is giving GranBlue Fantasy a nice treatment in terms of artwork. I just do not know if this adaptation can bring any new fans though.

Rackam finally gets his moment this week by flying the ship and seriously that was the best part of it. I want to burn General Lurias to the ground along with Vyrn, but that’d be too good to be true. The former’s status as the villain of the week was so caricature-ish that I cannot think of other reasons why he was created other to annoy people.

However, this still falls under the time-tested fantasy adventure that has been done too many times before. The town is in peril? Check. Lyria has the power to defeat the gods? Check. Rackam having his own circumstances? Check. They could have done worse, so I should be glad? Perhaps.


Two episodes in and I cannot hide my disappointment with this sequel. Sure, the world they are in right now is damn colorful. Their fictional Kyoto is so vibrant that it conceals the second season of The Eccentric Family’s weakness in presenting the tale of these tanukis.

First, I was entertained by the conjurer’s whims, but I do not get his involvement in the story. I mean, he was just presented because Yasaburo was tasked to fend him away. Then he ate three-fourths of this episode. Why the hell am I supposed to care for him? I am already having troubles digesting the patriarchal fight of these tengus then the conjurer appears? Are you sure this is not a light novel adaptation? Please deliver an episode on par with last season. Please.

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