The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 10

The Weekly Samui – Spring 2017 – Week 10

Just like that, Spring 2017 has officially begun.

For those who wandered to this site, I am Samui and I am tasked to whin– err… blog about some shows I am watching this season. Amazingly, Spring has opened much better than Winter 2017 and we can only hope (or dread) about the trajectory of its offerings. We got a whole lot of sequels (again) but the new shows somehow held their own if you are looking for some quality premieres. Let’s start!


Uchouten Kazoku / The Eccentric Family 2

Well, it seems like my complaints about the existence of the first three episodes of this season were finally addressed. Nidaime developed a debt of gratitude to Yasaburo for finding his things before and the latter used this to make him the observer for the Trick Magister election. Then there comes the upset Benten to ruin things as usual.

I realized Benten was damn too immature and insensitive to the tanukis when she threw her tantrums. She is a Friday Club member for Pete’s sake, and the group eats tanukis on a weekly basis! That is why I think she is ill-placed for the observer status. Then Nidaime appeared right when he was needed. I am excited about the brawl between the two.

Other than this major plot point, we got a poignant sendoff to one of the Shimogawa family members and hilariously somber Kinkaku and Ginkaku. I think this sequel is now just as good as the first season.

Little Witch Academia

Oh, there’s this show which knows how to weave the previous plot points and is now on autopilot for a good ending. Akko, for once, realized the danger the Croix things are bringing without anyone spelling it to her. Moreover, this is the first time the show finally displayed that she had developed as a character. The impatient Akko is now gone, presumably because of her experiences.

However, I was stupefied by the bombs this episode threw at the right moments. Professor Ursula has no right to prevent Croix’s plan by herself. Her magical performances ten years ago were more sinister than we initially thought. Akko’s inability to ride a broom was due to Professor Ursula’s mechanism to absorb dreams (and magic) from those who have seen her performances. I adore the show’s manner of revealing Chariot’s identity and this plot twist at the same time. It’s a fantastic way to destroy Akko’s childhood dream.

This leaves me asking, why was Diana unaffected when she also watched that show? I mean, she is a closet Chariot fan too, right?


Seikaisuru Kado

Kado has been giving the plot progression this past two weeks and man, I am curious as to where this series will go. Turns out, the anisotropic is forcing the Earth to advance so it can process more information. That is without regard whether chaos will ensue because of the breakthrough. Shindou slowly realizes the horror of zaShunina’s plan and the objects the latter introduced. For the few folks who watch this show, who else was uncomfortable when zaShunina proposed to Shindou they must go the anisotropic?

The plot twist in the last three minutes of this episode surely threw me off my seat. I know Tsukai created a poignant moment where she was able to convince Shindou that zaShunina’s plan disrupts the natural way of how things happen on Earth. Then, it turns out she actually is the anisotropic administrator of the Earth? Wait, I uttered “WTF” when that aired. That was too sudden, but Kado is already that weird show this season so I will let it pass. Just do not give an ACCA ending. That’s all.


Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan 2

This Shingeki no Kyojin episode is an example of a cacophony. Man, this was so loud and repetitive but still enjoyable at the same time. The final half was so chaotic I shut my brain and enjoyed the popcorn entertainment on the screen. Also, we saw that Titan who ate Eren’s mother while Eren and Mikasa were helplessly flailing on the ground. Delicious.

However, there goes my praise because the show is dragging on too long in terms of pacing. This goes on to say that I read the manga first. The staff inserted too many flashbacks and dialogues that made this season padded. Do they really intend for this to end on a very horrific note? I mean, I am not complaining but the efforts to drag the plot up to that point were a pain to watch you know.


Well, the core idea in this episode was good but the characters except Meteora are either irritating or stupid. Last week, Magane talked for like, two thirds of the show and my infatuation with her turned into annoyance. The knight, Aliceteria, ceases to listen to reason anymore; then there’s Yuuya who was warned by Meteora about Magane’s power but fell into her trap anyway. Lastly, Sota is useless as usual.

On a more positive note, I love that the action intensified for this episode as opposed to the poor man’s Durarara!!! last week. Altair appeared again, and man she is an overpowered character. Just how did she make Seleysia’s weapon disappear in the middle of a fight? Another thing I loved in this episode was when Seleysia’s creator tested Meteora’s theory and added specs to her. Well, that was fun while it lasted since we realized that the added attributes must create a lasting impression for these to be retained for good.


High School Star Musical (Star Mu) 2

Now that the plot twist is out in the open, I cannot help but feel disappointed with the way Star Myu is handled this season. Sure, Hoshitani finally cracked just when he is about to reach his dream. Otori cannot do anything since he is afraid to break him. Hiragi gave his swan song and it worked….

… but I felt the events leading there were too cluttered. I mean, the leads were just selected just “because”, without us seeing their actual performances. I know there are too many characters in this season but we could have seen their audition pieces. On the other hand, we get fillers and character drama here and there, which makes me think they are saving the actual performance for the last episode.

Granblue Fantasy

This was supposed to be a poignant episode but the sterile presentation left me really cold. The thing with old fantasy shows is these were able to capture an emotion in their crucial moments. You are supposed to root for the main lead when they are in a pinch. GranBlue Fantasy has perfected this on paper but it forgot its characters still lack chemistry at this point, so color me bored.

Lyria was in coma due to the fear of hurting her friends. Gran comes to rescue her, and oh, Roseta is damn pretty. That’s basically my thoughts regarding this episode which was too bad, granted that this A-1 show is still nice to look at.

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