Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 6: More Pies Than Plot

Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 6: More Pies Than Plot

Izetta brings its persistent pacing issues into its latest entry. When the witch’s not fighting, she’s walking around town with her queen, with the now usual bits of foreshadowing inserted in between.

The twentieth century’s greatest legend, the one and only White Witch, also happens to be a pretty normal girl. She likes to do handiwork, have her tea time, and then go out for pie with her girlfriend. But since it’d be no fun if they got to anonymously savor the cake, a few blunders turn the visit into a very public appearance, complete with a speech from Finé. In the end it turns out into effective promotion for the ruler; she keeps a friendly, approachable image while also a giving a rallying harangue.

Short summary, right? The issue is that… it’s not representative of their importance in the episode. At all. Because the events written in the above paragraph make up a very large part of the episode, unfortunately. Izetta has always been slowly paced, but essentially took the issue to a new level by avoiding more pressing issues, only peppering interesting scenes here and there. The issue, of course, being that these scenes hardly lead anywhere due to their shortness (an issue far too regular in this series).

The main concern for the German side is, of course, capturing Izetta’s weakness. And Jonas has heard – he knows everything – and, unfortunately, has told the spy that he knows. Sieg is promptly informed by Koontz (a mysterious private detective) and manages to stop the mole… but eventually shoots Jonas himself. His character is thoroughly mysterious – he’s clearly German, but seems to know a few things about Jonas and his family (he saw the photo he’d lost) that force him to get rid of the boy, all in the name of Elystadt. More mysterious, he accepts to let both Finé and Izetta go to a conference in Britannia, essentially handing him the reins of the country for a few days.

A few other intriguing things are on display, namely Berckmann’s entrance into Otto’s workshop (a long scene from which the only thing to learn is that the mysterious place may hold the secret of the Veile pass defeat as well as why his majesty so strongly believes in witches. The other main aspect is Ricelt giving Basler a new powerful plane to hunt the witch with, as well as the revelation of the former’s ambition to gain prestige of his own merit rather than his family name.

Relatively dull fluffy scenes that take too long, still all too mysterious character and plot points… Finé and Izetta head to Britannia for a possibly crucial outing, but we’re still feeling our way around this series. We know not of what Germania is plotting, or what Sieg may be up to. In fact, all we know is that there are two cute heroines living their lives while we just want Shuumatsu no Izetta to reveal itself to us faster. Maybe the next episode will be a turning point – we can only hope – but at the halfway point, there is simply too little to go on.

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