Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 5: A Witch Sways The World

Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 5: A Witch Sways The World

Shuumatsu no Izetta returns to its warring girl antics in a fairly subpar twenty-four minutes. There’s action, that much is for sure; but the progression is once again far too obvious.

Here is Finé being crowned new ruler of Elystadt. She tells the world’s media that, although the continent is at war, her people need not fear – for they have the greatest of all weapons at their disposition: Izetta. The descendant of the White Witch, the legendary protector of the land flies down on a bewitched audience, demonstrating her otherworldly powers and making headlines all over the planet for them.

But are the people of Germania the kind to retreat? Of course not. Otto is thoroughly pleased, and is minutes away from making Izetta’s capture his primary goal. Berckmann, meanwhile, knows Izetta will make another show of strength soon: he has a spy within the Elystadtian ranks, and it is only a matter of him keeping on the lookout for any weakness she may have. Because, as he tells Ricelt, if witches were invincible, they’d be ruling the world by now.

As expected Izetta shows the world the extent of her power: journalists are stunned and report on the matter. There’s no clear sign of weakness from this alone, but Berckmann remains convinced. And luck may just be on his side.

The latter part of the episode is reserved to showing Finé and her team’s strategical nous. Germania are attacking from a part that is sorely lacking in ley lines. As such, they have to show Izetta’s strength… without actually using her magic. What they do is simple, yet terribly effective: they wait until the enemy army crosses a certain line before letting Izetta show herself on top of a hill. From this position of strength, she solemnly proclaims her supremacy; when the Germania soldiers try to resist, their weapons get magically thrown away… by hidden snipers.

The illusion is perfect; in the end they cause a landslide, and give all the credit to the witch who in reality stood there and thundered asininities at soldiers who were, in that situation, more powerful than her. Still, it works, for the report Berckmann gets credits Izetta.

How is luck on his side then? As it turns out, on the same evening, his low-ranking spy looks for Jonas. And where is Jonas? Running after his old family photo… which takes him near a very private conversation between Müller and Schneider, one that reveals the nature of Izetta’s weakness. With a little luck, the lowly mole may come back with some juicy information.

And so continues Shuumatsu no Izetta… that is to say, far too slowly. We get one episode of Elystadt’s various areas of competence – from witching to mise-en-scène – and how Germania try to find a way around all this. And what are we reward with? The possibility that they may have the clue they need. That’s hardly enough. Even with the story presents a twist or two (not that any of them are really surprising), each episode simply doesn’t achieve enough for us to appreciate the show. At least with this ending, things may get exciting next week; let’s hope there a positive shift awaits us.

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