Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 3: The Great (Boring) War

Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 3: The Great (Boring) War

Shuumatsu no Izetta has engaged itself in a downward trajectory. If this episode was intended as an exercise in time-wasting, then sportsmen will be glad to use it as reference.

Germany’s artillery is far superior to Elystadt’s, and while we see Jonas, a tense young boy, managing to survive thanks to the goodwill and determination of the other soldiers, we can’t help but think it’s only a matter of time for him. The Germans are laughing, celebrating in advance; they’re somewhat irritated at not being able to sweep the opposing army aside in one go, but their confidence is off the charts regardless.

The problem is that this stalemate lasts for a whole half episode. Finé is aware they’re only fighting to buy time; she tells some soldiers that it’s not yet time for them to die, but that at one point she’ll have to call upon them (on that note, she ends her speech on an awkward moment of self-flagellation. It’s hard to believe these are the words her soldiers need right now). She knows just as well as us Elystadt can’t survive without Izetta’s power. And while building the tension until she appears as the savior is fairly satisfying, it remains unneeded. After all, we all knew this development would come; why slow the story down like this? Because waiting half an episode for the episode’s entire purpose to materialize is hardly a satisfying activity.

In their optimism, one may think: “but at least the episode improves when Izetta comes in!”, and, well… not very much. The action scenes aren’t exceptionally eye-catching: they lack a certain punch, an additional bit of dynamism… and the CGI elements, while not too bad, may also stand out for the wrong reasons to some. There are great angles of Izetta, and seeing her overcoming Germania’s army is satisfying: she is a very likable character if only for the way her clumsiness clashes with her incredible resolve and strength. Yet, once the fighting is over… the episode is already ending.

We end on the soldiers’ celebration of their witch (Elystadt sure seems like an open-minded country), and along with that, the death of the King. Does this mean Finé’s position will change as a result? We also witness an incredulous but joyful commander at hearing news of his soldiers’ victory, a stark contrast with the German side where champagne glasses are being broken… and as news of the witch reach their ears, it seems some are very interested: this indicates Berckmann and his men in quest of the Witch in whom His Highness of Germania is so interested will likely come back to the forefront very soon.

And that’s all this episode is. It’s simply too thin in terms of content. What’s more, the only major mystery is the one revolving around the Germania ruler’s deep interest in Izetta. That’s one issue for a remaining nine episodes. It’s far from enough. Either the show comes up with a big surprise, either it’ll waste all its charm and nice heroines on an affair most dull.

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