Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 2: Deceptively Charming

Shuumatsu no Izetta Episode 2: Deceptively Charming

Izetta makes an underwhelming return. While the charm is still present, the story’s progression and focus on the dynamic between the heroines narrows the series’ prospects severely.

The backstory between Izetta and Finé is an ultimately simple one. Izetta, with her impressive magical powers, was forced to live a nomad lifestyle from a very young age. It was then that Finé found her. She believed in the Wesse Heixe and her good nature, which Izetta all but confirmed. It was the first time Izetta felt accepted. The blissful young days shared together appear as a kind of lost paradise.

But now’s not the time for nostalgia, as battles must be fought. Barely reunited, they have to escape several Germania warplanes. Thankfully, Izetta can fly at such a speed that she downs most opponents by leading them into mountains and such. However, they barely make it out alive: it seems that her power must be used wisely as it runs out quickly. Yet Finé’s resourceful, and devises a tactic for them to escape the last enemy. She loses consciousness as a result, but Izetta’s resolve carries them until they run into friendly soldiers.

Contrary to what Elystadt’s higher-ups are trying to convince us of, they have suffered a huge moral blow after Germania’s tactics swept them aside. For them to find their princess alive is a joyous occasion. Izetta conceals her identity, but not her guilt when she sees one of Finé’s past wounds. One would guess that a witch being by Finé’s side brought some misfortunes upon the princess.

And yet, Finé’s not one to hold a grudge for that. To her, Izetta is the only friend with whom she can forget about matters of social status. As such, she exhorts her to withdraw from the battlefield. She wants Izetta to protect herself from this war and from Beckermann’s troops who want to catch her at any cost. But Izetta won’t have any of it: she, too, wants Finé to become “her hope”, and for her this means fighting. She wants to protect her dear friend’s country.

For all the lushness of its world, the story presented by Izetta is an underwhelming affair as far as we can tell. While the Izetta-Finé dynamic is beautiful, the story of two (admittedly likable) characters protecting what is dear to them doesn’t ring as original or profound. It may yet be nice, and who knows what twists are ahead, but it’s hard to imagine it being more than a charming little thing.

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