Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 8: All The Way To Heaven

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 8: All The Way To Heaven

Things are looking very bad for our main characters in Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul this week as they’ve all been captured by the King.

With Azazel’s companions all killed, he makes his final attempt at taking Charioce’s head. Mugaro, who had disappeared from Nina’s side, has arrived at the scene to help out Azazel. After exchanging some blows, Kaiser joins in on the fight between Azazel and Charioce.

We get a beautifully animated three-way fight as Azazel, Kaiser and Charioce all battle it out with their swords. There are fast, smooth movements here as we see sparks fly when their blades cross. The fight is cool and there are some slow motion shots here for added coolness. The action-packed first half in general has quite some slow motion shots which increase the coolness of the scenes.

Kaiser was already Azazel’s enemy, and now he’s Charioce’s too. After knocking down Azazel, he shows off some badassery by taking Charioce’s blade straight on, through his prosthetic hand, and then throwing the sword away and moving on to try and tell Azazel to stop this madness.

Watch some serious(ly well animated) action from this episode:

Meanwhile, the angels show up after seeing Mugaro up in the sky and take him away to heaven. The down Onyx Soldiers can now get up and they quickly take Azazel and Kaiser into custody. Nina has got some perfect timing as she shows up too. One would think that she wouldn’t want to get involved in this all by turning dragon, but she actually tries to transform without looking at a hot guy. And that obviously fails, resulting in her getting arrested too.

Kaiser and Nina are charged with treason and supporting the demons. Kaiser has a special charge of raising a sword against his majesty. Both of them get life sentences while Azazel goes to a torture chamber to get some answers whipped out of him.

Azazel had no idea what exactly Mugaro was. He could have used Mugaro had he known. Even though he thinks of Mugaro as a child who must be protected, if he had known his true form he would have used him in his fights just like how he wants to use Nina’s dragon form.

In heaven, Bacchus and Hamsa have been captured and locked up for their interference in the angelic plans. Hamsa wants to apologize but Bacchus doesn’t. The angels want to use Mugaro to make the humans come back on the right path and praise the gods.

There are a lot of interesting developments in this episode. Azazel, Nina and Kaiser are all captured. The citizens of the capital can understand Kaiser getting charged with treason and whatever, but no one is believing that Nina is involved too; they all know Nina well enough to see that she isn’t the kind of girl who would commit such crimes.

Mugaro has been taken in and will be used by the angels in their plan to put the humans in their place. Charioce wanted to kill Mugaro while he was on Earth but now he’ll have to kill him while he’s with the gods, which will improve his reputation and power.

One interesting thing is how Nina blows up on Charioce and calls him a terrible king right in front of everyone. All this prosperity in the capital has been achieved by the sweat and blood of so many demons; Charioce needs the manual labor of these beings to maintain the shape of the capital, yet he tortures and kills them. If there would be no demons, then who would do all the work?

Her outburst surprises everyone because Nina doesn’t seem like the kind of girl who would shower so much anger on someone for the reasons she explained.

The most interesting reveal of the episode is seen at the very end. In front of Nina’s cell is Jeanne D’Arc’s cell and it appears that Nina knows this former saint who is always seen praying to the gods. But even more interesting than that is the cell in front of Kaiser’s. Guess who’s there? Mr. Orange Afro of course! What a coincidence for Kaiser to be neighbors with Favaro. The main character from the prequel is finally here. Favaro being captured was kind of shown in the ending sequence where you can see for probably a second that Favaro is in a cage and is being taken away while shouting for help. But anyways, we would need some focus on this afro and now bearded fellow to know what exactly he did to be imprisoned like this.

This episode has been quite interesting with a very exciting first half filled with some nice animation and cool fights. Our main characters are in quite some trouble given how they opposed the king and all. Favaro is back which is very good. And the angels have gotten their weapon to fight against Charioce and make him grovel before his maker.

We should be getting a relatively less hectic episode next week as everyone would be planning their attack; we will get some talking between characters and possibly some answers regarding Favaro.

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