Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 6: A Dragon’s Beautiful Dance

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 6: A Dragon’s Beautiful Dance

It’s time for a festival in Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul this week as almost everyone takes a break from all the mayhem around them.

Bacchus and everyone around him are setting up a spicy fried chicken stand for the festival and Nina is sent to get more chicken wings and peppers in case they end up running out in the middle of everything. But the bad man from the last episode shows up, though this time he’s armed with one bishounen. Being a girl going through puberty, Nina can’t possibly fight these guys. But there is someone who can. That someone is the man from the arm wrestling match.

The mysterious handsome fellow is none other than Charioce XVII. Charioce obviously has a reason to be out here in disguise like this. His reason isn’t just that he wants to have some fun; he is probably checking out how things are going in the capital, especially with the looming threat of Azazel and his friends showing up to wreak havoc.

Whatever his reasons may be, right now he’s here to rescue Nina. And he does so quite brilliantly. Nina offers the guy to come to her stall in the evening. And he shows up too. Charioce may be somewhat interested in Nina; it probably isn’t love but could be either Nina’s insane strength or her weird way of acting around men. It could be that he suspects that something is up with this girl.

On Bacchus’ suggestion, Charioce takes Nina out to see the festival. We see Nina and Charioce having fun together; it feels like it’s a proper date, but it isn’t since neither party is thinking of it that way. We see some fine facial expressions from Nina which look amusing and at times, weirdly cute.

And just when we were thinking that this episode wouldn’t have any note worthy piece of animation, MAPPA delivers a doozy in the form of an amazing dance sequence. The movements are smooth and there are a variety of camera angles. There’s also this recurring style of blurring everything in the background and keeping the foreground in crisp focus as the camera moves about, usually in a panning motion (which is also seen in Charioce’s little fight in this episode and Azazel’s fight in the fourth episode).

Watch MAPPA’s subtle talent on display (and Nina’s most adorable side) during a beautiful dance scene:

What surprises us, and Nina, is that she doesn’t turn into a dragon despite dancing with a hot guy. Nina comes up with an explanation that maybe she’s in love which is why she didn’t go dragon. We’re not sure about that though, since at the end of the day, he was still a handsome dude; whether in love or not, a bishounen is still a bishounen.

What we believe is that it has something to do with Nina’s thoughts. She probably wasn’t thinking that she was dancing with a hot guy; she was likely only thinking that she was having fun and her mind didn’t go anywhere else, resulting in her staying in human form throughout the dance.

Charioce also seemed to have some fun but was he really there just for that? He’s the king who took down the gods and brought the demons to their knees; one is inclined to think that he wasn’t there just for some fun.

And Azazel is planning to launch his attack on the next day during the parade. He has a plan, but it isn’t foolproof. It heavily depends on Nina coming to a designated location, turning into a dragon, and Azazel being able to control her. It’s a very risky plan but it’s the only way to kill Charioce because dragon Nina is the only being currently able to break through the Onyx Soldiers’ shield. But at the same time, she doesn’t want to turn into a dragon and lay waste on the land. Azazel did tell her to come to a specific tower tomorrow, but will she really show up?

And there’s something else about the aforementioned scene: Azazel makes skin contact with Nina, but she doesn’t seem to heat up. Either this is an important scene, or the creators forgot to make Nina red here. We’d like to think that it’s an important little scene.

This episode of Nina’s day out has been a fun and cute outing. Nina got to have some fun and she had a date with a hot guy without turning into a fire-breathing dragon. It was the perfect day for her in every way. But things don’t look like they’ll stay perfect come the next day. We hope to see a storm hit this city courtesy of Azazel next episode.

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