Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 2: A World Full Of Thrills Unfolds

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 2: A World Full Of Thrills Unfolds

The second episode of Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul is less action oriented as it focuses more on reveals; some mysteries are solved and some new ones spring up too.

Starting with the opening sequence: it is really a sight to behold. It’s a very hectic sequence where Azazel is fighting Kaiser and then Charioce (though it appears he’s defeated by Charioce), having an overall black and white color scheme with only the sky and everyone’s eyes colored red. It contrasts with the rather playful and colorful ED. Plus we have SiM’s “LET iT END” as a song which, although not as good as their “EXiSTENCE”, still gives the show the feeling of “nothing has changed” which is very important here especially considering how the prequel had a more or less complete ending.

Moving on, we see Nina’s family. It appears that she belongs to a dragon race as everyone in her village can turn into a dragon. There’s probably something up with Nina herself since she has a trigger unlike the other dragon people there, it seems.

Azazel wants Nina’s powers for himself so that he can use her to take revenge on humanity for all that they’ve done to his kind. And of course, Nina doesn’t want to be part of any of that. To try and change her mind, Azazel shows her the “slums” of the city where there are demons living miserable lives after what the humans did to them.

Nina says something like “this didn’t happen to her village” which probably means that her village was wrecked too after the Bahamut incident, and Charioce XVII also stopped by; but he probably didn’t give them the same treatment as he gave the demons. Or it could simply mean that Nina thought her village was in a pitiful state, but the place the demons inhabit is clearly way worse off.

Azazel’s hatred is well-founded; the humans turned Hell into hell for the demons and then enslaved them all. What’s more infuriating is that there are humans using demons as entertainment, and lab rats. Azazel has every right to be angered at these humans. But Kaiser believes that nothing will come out of this hatred and Azazel is doing the wrong thing.

After how they teamed up towards the end of the prequel, Kaiser tries to warn Azazel that Charioce will not stop until he has killed the Rag Demon. But this demon’s hatred is too much. He may work for the government as a “cleaner” where he helps remove the demons who die in the arena, but he still hates the humans from the bottom of his heart.

Kaiser might come to resent the king more if he considers what he just witnessed, plus what the Orlean Knights were made to do all this time. Alessand complains about the Orlean Knights “holding demons hostage to comply with the King’s plans.” Now what “plans” he is talking about remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, these plans are nothing nice.

Kaiser is also being observed by the Onyx Soldiers and they’ve concluded that he’s related to the Rag Demon based on how the two were talking and how the Rag Demon didn’t kill him. Kaiser will probably be deemed an enemy in the future if things go on like this.

After failing on a number of occasions in catching the Rag Demon, Kaiser’s Orlean Knights are taken off the case and are replaced with the Onyx Soldiers. These soldiers have that technology which was used to down the demons and the angels, and makes them a formidable force. They corner Azazel and pin him down, but before they could capture him and reveal his identity, Mugaro comes to save him.

Mugaro has the ability to nullify the Onyx Soldier’s shield. Despite being with Azazel and having been sold off as a demon, his power looks more divine than demonic if anything. Also, you can see that his eyes have different colors when he’s using his powers; one eye is red and the other blue. Plus, Charioce calls him a “holy child.” All this leads to the possibility that he’s a child of an angel and a demon. But how does that give him the ability to nullify the Onyx Soldier’s shield is unknown, because the angels were also beaten up with this same technology.

However, if Mugaro really is the child of a demon and an angel, then he is probably the key to a possible alliance between the two beings, given how much they hate the arrogant humans for all that they’ve done to them. This is all assuming he really is such a child, but things do point towards such a possibility.

But there is one thing: Amira was also half-demon half-angel, but she her powers leaned were more demonic than angelic, and she showed more of a demonic side until the ending; but stuff like this could vary depending on the individual in question.

Charioce’s reasons for wanting the Rag Demon dead range from him wanting the one threatening the peace he established killed, to simply wanting the rebellious demon put down. It is also possible that all the torture, apart from the slavery, is happening with Charioce’s consent, or he just doesn’t mind it all. All this is happening in the backgrounds, since Kaiser didn’t know about it and there are quite a lot of such incidents happening so these can’t just be some isolated occurrences.

This episode of Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul has been quite exciting despite being low-key action-wise. The story is progressing steadily and if the opening sequence is anything to go by with we should expect a big fight as Azazel’s actions and Mugaro’s existence might lead Charioce to step in personally. We might even see an all-out war against the humans for their insolence, with the angels joining forces with the demons; they’ve done it once to seal Bahamut, so they can do it again. Nina has caught the eye of Azazel who wants her powers no matter what, so whether she gets actively involved in any of this or not is to be seen.

Mugaro is very intriguing given how he’s a “holy child” and all, though his working alongside Azazel in his “cleaning up” after the fights begs the question of why hasn’t he been caught yet? He supposedly disappeared two years ago but now he’s right in front of everyone so why is he still roaming freely?

A lot of things are going on here, all of which have our interest. They’re setting things up for the big events which are to unfold in this world. We’re probably going to get a few more set-up episodes before some real action kicks in, they’re probably going to be just as exciting as this episode was.

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