Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 17: Too Perfect?

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 17: Too Perfect?

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL goes on to develop a romance between the king and dragon girl in its latest entry and it does a pretty neat job at that.

Kaiser determines that they need information before they can take any action against Charioce. Nina goes undercover as a demon living in the slums, and while roaming around, she runs into Charioce who has come to his mother’s grave.

Charioce plays along with Nina’s disguise and uses it to take a tour of the demon slums. He buys something through barter trade (though we doubt the items are of equal value) and plays football with some demon kids and even replaces their skull ball with his turban. He turns into a completely different person while he’s with Nina and you start wondering what on earth happened to him. Well, Nina happened.

For Nina, Charioce changed her as she fell in love for the first time and managed to control her transformations to an extent. And the same goes for Charioce. He genuinely had fun when he was with Nina at the festival. The romance isn’t one-sided here as the two kiss. We’re not really sure how kissing made Nina realize how to control her dragon conversion, but that’s how it is. It felt pretty abrupt with how Nina suddenly got this revelation that she can turn dragon at will immediately after kissing.

One thing to remember here is that everyone sent Favaro after Nina in case she causes some trouble. There’s every chance that he has seen most of the events here, but at the same time, there’s a chance that he’s busy goofing off somewhere. We’d like to think that Favaro was following Nina here.

And like how we’re speculating on whether Nina was being followed by Favaro or not, Charioce was being tracked by his Onyx Soldiers who fear that their king has been charmed by the Red Dragon or something.

This episode progressed the romance between Nina and Charioce. Watch the two get intimate below:

The relationship developed between Nina and Charioce is nice and adds to the problems they will have to face if they want things between them to continue. Charioce might face some opposition from the Onyx Soldiers who may be fearing that their king has gone astray. They may take some matters into their own hands too, instead of leaving all the decisions to Charioce. Nina may either be barred from meeting Charioce due to concerns over her safety, or she may be used to gather more information on Charioce or even take away his bracelet (that is assuming Favaro was following Nina around).

Charioce’s reasons for doing whatever he is are of interest. He hasn’t explicitly mentioned anything, but it has something to do with his mother being a commoner and being ditched later on in her life.

Jeanne and Sofiel have embarked on their mission to get El. Jeanne wasn’t told to go by Gabriel but she does anyway, which angers Gabriel who doesn’t like being disobeyed. Sofiel likens herself to Bacchus which probably means that Bacchus was exiled due to his disobedience and Sofiel is doing something similar here. This could mean that the two women have no intention of handing El over to Gabriel.

Charioce, despite saying all that stuff in this episode about how Nina’s entry into his life has changed him, may have not changed at all. The episode ends with a determined look in his eyes. He may use Nina as bait, or he’ll bring an army to the slums to take out those with Nina, or he may do whatever he can to protect Nina despite issuing orders to shoot the Red Dragon on sight. He’s supposed to have second thoughts about what he’s doing as King, but we’re not sure yet if that’s completely true.

This episode progressed the relationship between Nina and Charioce quite nicely and also had some other fairly interesting stuff. Kaiser and friends are only gathering information so that they can launch a more successful attack on Charioce to prevent a repeat of the Bahamut incident. The setup stage is still going on, but they’ve made progress with something at least.

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  1. Too perfect my ass. This how is a fucking trainwreck and the forced romance is the root of it as well as Nina’s sheer existence.

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