Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 15: Heaven’s Secrets

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 15: Heaven’s Secrets

This week in Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL Jeanne and Nina reach heaven and we get a rather tearful mother-son reunion.

Jeanne and Nina reach heaven and are met with the security angels who agree to take them to El. The cute megane angel takes a slight detour and shows the two a hall filled with lights for each fallen god.

If it weren’t for the gods, Bahamut would have destroyed everything. But instead of being grateful to the gods who sacrificed their lives, the humans are intent on eliminating them completely. Humans can be such ungrateful and arrogant beings!

Gabriel has always had this evil smile on her face which we’ve probably mentioned before too. When Jeanne shows up and offers to talk to her son and try and bring him back to their side, it brings back that evil smile on her face which she had lost after losing to the humans.

There are two possibilities as to what Gabriel wants to do with the humans: either she wants to eliminate all humans, or she wants to eliminate selected humans and have the rest bow before the gods.

The episode ends with El telling Sofiel that Gabriel can’t do anything and that he has the power to save the world. This probably means that he’s going to go against Gabriel and establish a faction of his own with Sofiel likely on his side. This also explains the absence of Gabriel from the opening sequence despite being the leader of the god side. El might eliminate her as Michael’s soul takes over him, which by the looks of it has started. Either this is El being arrogant or he has figured out that Gabriel has some ulterior motive. Either way, El is now openly opposing Gabriel.

And what will happen if El succeeds in either replacing Gabriel as leader of the gods (is this what the OP suggests with Gabriel’s absence?) or separating himself from Gabriel’s team? He does intend on going more or less solo to the surface to fix things.

There’s also the fact that El thinks highly of Azazel, a demon. Will this lead to both beings putting aside their differences and tackling the human problem together just like how they dealt with Bahamut the first time around?

Then there’s this thing about Nina who doesn’t want Charioce to be hated by everyone. Thanks to what he been doing all this time, the gods have started to hate the humans with most of the hatred directed towards Charioce. And since Nina has fallen for this king, she doesn’t want him to continue going down this path. She has two options: either stop Charioce, or stop the gods. Both are rather difficult things to accomplish for this little dragon girl.

And at last Azazel has returned. He is now being forced to fight for survival in those entertainment matches. He doesn’t look like he has any plan in mind at the moment, as he doesn’t even know why he’s trying to stay alive.

Lucifer is shown to be alive but in hiding at the moment. He’s sitting and observing whatever’s going on all around. The best moment to strike would be after the humans and gods have tired themselves because with the number of followers he has at the moment, attacking would be pointless.

This episode has had some interesting developments with El standing against Gabriel being the most important of them. Charioce is preparing his big weapon again for another use, despite knowing that he’ll lose more than his eyes now.

Things are progressively being set up for a big confrontation between the three races. The first half had the humans mowing down the demons and then the gods. Will this second half have the two races stage their comeback when the gods have a rift of sorts going on, with their trump card opposing the leader and the demons lacking people?

There are a lot of things to be taken from this episode but this little event in heaven isn’t over as the next episode will add upon some of the developments, given this is a two parter. We may get some more interesting progression, especially regarding El and his opposition.

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