Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 12: A Hopeless War?

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 12: A Hopeless War?

The gods wage war on the humans in this 12th Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL episode, and the humans appear to be no match for their makers.

We wouldn’t call this a war; it’s more like a one-sided massacre as it’s only the gods who are doing the killing. With El’s power, the humans can’t use their anti-god and demon power. They have no other choice but to die, which isn’t exactly a choice, but anyway. No one can do anything in front of the gods and their powers, and the angels rampage through the capital and reach the castle.

The visuals are quite strong here. When the god ship is descending from the skies, it rips open a hole in the clouds and the clouds turn orange which gives the feeling that doomsday has comez for the puny arrogant humans. We get a great number of explosions here as the angels blow everything and everyone; those who aren’t blown up are sliced apart. We only get some background music as the gods deliver their divine punishment, which enhances that doomsday feeling.

The portrayal of the gods’ overwhelming strength is brilliant. The combination of the orange hues and no sounds for the explosions does a fine job.

Meanwhile, Rita manages to break Nina and Jeanne free and, through some unexpected turn of events, they land in the men’s side of the dungeon. With all the commotion surrounding the three females running around in the men’s dungeon serving as a distraction, Favaro uses Kaiser’s metal hand to blow open the cage and make their own escape too.

The two escapee groups meet near the exit, but their reunion is short-lived as from beneath the elevator rises the humans’ secret weapon. It’s a big black and green cone from which a big sphere comes out. It isn’t much different from what was used by his army, except that it uses a lot of the mysterious green crystal. Other than that, it appears that many lives were also sacrificed for its activation. It also looks like the whole dungeon was just covering up this large scale experiment with those green crystals to make something unstoppable with unmatched destructive capabilities, which probably means that many inmates lost their lives as the giant sphere rose from underneath. There are also some mysteries surrounding the origin of those green crystals.

Watch the most intense moments as the gods crush humanity in this episode:

The war against humanity is going in the favor of the gods as they have overpowered the mortal humans in every way. What powers the mysterious giant sphere has is yet to be seen, but it may be able to overcome El’s neutralization, in which case it may be able to give the humans the comeback they need. But if El is still strong, then the humans are as good as dead.

One thing here is that the gods were coming in some sort of alien spacecraft and the activation process of Charioce’s secret weapon made it look like some futuristic machine. It almost gives things a sci-fi feel.

The big confrontation between mankind and the divine beings has started and Charioce isn’t giving up just yet. Nina and the others have wound up inside the black and green sphere which gives them a front seat view of its powers. The gods are confident that they can defeat the humans and restore the status quo whereas Charioce probably has his doubts especially since his machine is still in the development phase.

We will also have to see El’s motivation when his mother comes in front him. There’s also Sofiel’s doubts about whether El can really handle all this since it’s his first time using his powers in an all-out war. And then there is Gabriel who has this look on her face which gives the feeling that she has something sinister planned here.

One thing worth noting is that the strong demons from those fights are employed in the army and we see some demons fighting against the gods. They may prove to be useful when the demons eventually stage their comeback. And speaking of demons, we haven’t heard from Azazel since the last couple of episodes. He should be returning at some point sooner or later.

It’s all happening here and we’re in for some serious intensity as the trump cards from both sides clash. Jeanne will have an important role here along with Nina who can turn things around to an extent with her dragon powers. Things sure are getting exciting here.

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