Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 11: An Inescapable War

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 11: An Inescapable War

It’s the jailbreak attempt this week in Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL, but due to some unforeseen circumstances it doesn’t work out that well for our two female inmates.

Episode nine ended with Rita skydiving with an umbrella. Now we see her trying to break into the prison. She puts her loli appearance to good use here to come off as some lost child to help in her infiltration.

As Rita is breaking in from one side, Nina and Jeanne are breaking out from the other. The latter had prepared a map beforehand, and they use it to make their way to the elevator at the exit. Nina fighting the guards has the same staged sort of style we’ve seen a number of times already, which is not bad since it does look pretty cool.

And while we’re at it, another recurring thing is how blood splatters on the camera when we see someone killed in a closeup shot, as seen during a fight between two demons before Gabriel descends. That looks pretty cool too.

The escape plan is moving forward perfectly but it all comes to an end when Jeanne reaches the elevator, only to see Charioce come out of it.

Rita infiltrates, Jeanne and Nina escape; this makes for some fun stuff to watch below:

What led Charioce here are the gods. Gabriel descended from the heavens to warn humanity not to overstep their limits and give back what they’ve stolen. Obviously Charioce has no intention of bowing down to anyone, which leads the gods to declare war on humanity.

The gods have El with them and through something akin to brainwashing, Gabriel convinces the kid to deal with humans as enemies to take his mother back. Charioce comes to Jeanne to try and bring her on his side and tell El to back down, but she refuses. Charioce probably wants to win the war before any blood has to be shed. There really is no telling whether Charioce will stop if El backs down like he claims, though. It will probably be easier to win when the gods don’t have their trump card. Or maybe what Nina said really did have some effect on him and he actually wants to prevent the loss of lives.

Everything is now in place for an all-out war. Charioce’s attempts to get Jeanne on his side have failed and it’s only a matter of time before the two parties are engaged in a deadly battle. Both want to show the other who’s boss and they won’t stop before the enemy is begging for mercy.

We also see that the general public is divided into two groups: one supports Charioce and the other opposes his constant aggression of the other beings. The species of humans Gabriel met and showed El are the ones who are against the gods, while the people she didn’t see, who are later shown to be protesting, are the ones who are not in favor of Charioce attacking the gods. In the upcoming war between the two, both kinds of humans will suffer.

The problem lies with Charioce for his constant aggression. The gods only want to restore the status quo.

As Charioce meets Nina, he also reveals that he was the mysterious Chris with whom she danced and fell in love with. And this puts Nina in quite the dilemma. On the one hand she fell in love with him and because of him she doesn’t get as excited when seeing hot dudes, and on the other hand she just verbally lashed out at him for being a terrible king not too long ago. With how things are going, Nina is bound to end up in a confrontation with Charioce, and her feelings might get in the way. It will be interesting to see how Nina deals with it when the time comes.

We now have two events to look forward to: Nina and Jeanne’s escape with Rita, who may pick up Kaiser and Favaro along the way, and the upcoming war between mankind and the gods, both of which should be exciting to watch.

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