Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 10: Jeanne D’Arc’s Compelling Story

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL 10: Jeanne D’Arc’s Compelling Story

Shingeki no Bahamut VIRGIN SOUL’s latest episode gives us a flashback into Jeanne D’Arc’s life, three years after the Bahamut incident.

The entire episode is told with typical flashback colors; a washed out color scheme with only red and a few other colors prominent.

Jeanne D’Arc lost her blessings from Michael-sama after everything that happened which resulted in her weakening a whole lot. The new recruits didn’t know who exactly Jeanne was so she started losing respect, but she still didn’t back down.

We see something about Charioce XVII here as we are shown his coronation ceremony. Instead of him sitting on the throne and the crown being placed on his head by someone else, he takes it and puts it on himself like it’s some hat before exclaiming to everyone that he’ll bring down the gods and the demons. His action shows his arrogance, confidence, badassery, and his desire to take what he wants himself. He wasn’t accepted by the gods for this position, so he’s going to make himself acceptable by showing how strong he can be.

He asks Jeanne to swear allegiance to him and support his move. He wanted Jeanne to give up on the gods as the great saint giving up would strengthen his own position while also prompting the masses to give up on their gods. But there was no compromising on her ideals and Jeanne was kicked out of the castle, and stripped of her knighthood.

Jeanne goes into hiding and here Mugaro, or as she calls him, El, is born. But the kid isn’t born in a normal way. He doesn’t have a father (Jesus?) and is born spontaneously through the blessings of god or something. They haven’t given much information about this kid and we should get to know more about him in later episodes. One thing we can assume is that this kid is either the reincarnation of Michael-sama or his replacement; either that or he is sent here with Michael-sama’s powers. In any case, El is related to Michael mostly because he was born while Jeanne was praying to him.

While Jeanne and El are living their lives, Sofiel falls down in front of their house. She was being chased by the Onyx Soldiers during Charioce’s attack on heaven. In the previous episode Sofiel told Mugaro that he and his mother saved her life; this is what she was talking about. The Onyx Soldiers burst in and started to search for Sofiel who hid herself, and they started to hurt Jeanne which caused El to release some of his powers and put the Onyx Soldiers out.

Jeanne, while on the run, enters a dungeon of sorts where there are a number of demons imprisoned. There she pours demon blood on El and clips off his wings, telling him to do whatever it takes to live. Jeanne soon gets captured; El becomes Mugaro and is taken away by Azazel later on.

This episode featured quite a well-told story. Watch the high points of Jeanne D’Arc’s compelling past below:

Since we got a flashback of Jeanne D’Arc and all, we can assume that she will play an important role in the story later on. She may regain her saint powers and prove to be a strong ally to the gods since obviously she wouldn’t fight alongside Charioce. And with Mugaro/El by her side, she can be unstoppable.

Nina is also actively involving herself with Jeanne given how the sad story made her tear up. Nina is super confident that she’ll he able to escape the dungeon given her strength as a dragon girl, which begs the question of why she didn’t escape up until now. Did she like this place so much or something?

The episode explains a few things which needed explaining, like Jeanne being imprisoned and Mugaro’s past and him being with a demon despite being something else entirely. There wasn’t much talking here as they showed us rather than told us most of the stuff, which is good; too much talking can make things boring at times and they’ve avoided that here.

An overall productive episode which leads us to Nina and Jeanne breaking out of jail. Hopefully we get back to the action next week.

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