Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Four

Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Four

Osu! I’m here again with my weekly roundups. Added are Drifters (that cool action show) and Poco’s Udon World (another parenting show). Is it just me or is this season the gayest this year? Let’s start.


Flip Flappers

The fifth episode of Flip Flappers seamlessly knitted its masterful way to create a distinct world and coherent narration. I thought they ran out of ideas so they made the setting of Pure Illusion to their school but man, I was terrified by the spin they had. Last week was Halloween so why not bring the creepy factor over 9,000? Flip Flappers excels in world-building and this week is not an exception. It is like a cut from Japanese horror films.

I also smirked when Flip Flappers finally gave the spotlight to Cocona. I was honestly thinking she was the weakest link in the show until now. Her rather detached demeanor is caused by her fear of failure. I know, it’s a tad clichéd but I buy her reason. Given that she’s given a bit of characterization, let’s now proceed on how it will tie its abstract narration. I am still not that hot with the nature of fragments but Yayaka’s revelation piqued my curiosity as to what the big picture looks like.

Watch out, Flip Flappers’ storytelling might be messy but it is the real dark horse this season.



Drifters kept the jokes to bare minimum this week and proceeded with full action so it’s another very good episode in my opinion. It might sound grotesque but I had fun seeing Toyohisa’s group annihilate the army using their own tactics. The elves were inherently skilled in handling arrows so they proved to be helpful in this week’s war.

Another point I would like to commend is Drifters isn’t shy in bringing the sinister to its story. They live in a rather cynical world and the Drifters’ beliefs do not make it brighter either. Oda and Toyohisa argued that they already gave respects in the enemies’ head so they can do whatever they want with their bodies. Of course, that line of thinking isn’t normal but the two lived that way of life.

I found Toyohisa a fairly good man outside his warlord mode. He knows when to drop his sword if an enemy conceded. Too bad, they’re living in a world where almost everyone is a scum. I expect hell to break loose next week now that he’s triggered. Meanwhile, Oda is the most interesting character at the moment. That man sure knows to pull the strings and move people at his whim.

At this point, I am excited on how they’ll meet with other Drifters. I just hope they keep the jokes to a minimum like in this week.


Poco’s Udon World

Poco’s Udon World gives more of the same this week as if it settled on a consistent groove. We got emotionally palpable adult issues not normally talked in anime as triggered by Poco’s actions. This time, we got Tawara’s sister who has already married but was not able to bear children. Her introduction is a tad funny thanks to her chemistry with Shinobu but that’s not where the show shone this week.

Poco’s Udon World excels in instilling regret to its characters. Quite a melancholic way to put things but it’s effective this time. Now that their parents are already dead, the Tawara siblings can only reminisce on the good ol’ days and ask what ifs. Another thing this episode handled gracefully is his sister’s regret for not bearing children and her bad skills in handling them.  I guess I’ll stop asking how on Earth udon will be active in the show’s plot or whether the tanuki will catch my heartstrings. The show’s unconventional themes are more than enough to keep me watching until the end.


Holy cow, this is a legit good Occultic;Nine episode. Pinch me!

The thing with this kind of storytelling is it makes things exciting when several plot points converge at some time. Thankfully, the premise of Occultic;Nine is interesting enough to keep me hanging at this point. Gamota and Saira finally decoded Hashigami’s dying message which tied the suicide incident. The detective finally uncovered Gamota’s secret and a bit of Aria’s secret.  It took four weeks for Occultic;Nine to deliver something comprehensible to be honest.

This is not to say that this episode is perfect. God darn its way of running multiple plots at the same time, all narrated in a fast manner but with a slow pacing as to developing the events. The Eureka moments could have had more impact if not for my annoyance with Ryo-tas and the restaurant manager. Maybe cut some unnecessary dialogues next time? Yeah.


You know anime is getting too meta when a shoujo series (Kiss Him, Not Me!) enters the yuri territory and Keijo!!!!!!!! tiptoes the BL route. This week continues ramping up the camp and gives us some nice humor too. Nozomi got her race and it was amusing to watch. Scratch that, her enemy’s Cerberus is actually a hilarious weapon to be honest. It’s just that Keijo!!!!!!! has to do something different at this point. I think I had a fatigue about these butt and boob canons after this episode.

Well, I got to give them credit for not sexualizing the actual race. Yes. That’s a good thing…

Kiss Him, Not Me!

People may accuse this show for shallowness but Kiss Him, Not Me is aware of its own flaws. Heck, this week even had the guts to bring Kae in her original figure before the boys appear to suit her. And voila! She’s back to her pretty self. How convenient. Do you think it’s taking itself seriously? No.

I found the whole affair to be totally exaggerated where I can’t help but chuckle with its eccentricities. The chocolate sculpture fiasco and Kae’s motivation to get her slim figure back were lol-worthy. Damn these poor boys chasing a fujoshi girl. I found Igarashi’s moments in this episode a bit too cheesy but ultimately cute. Yes, you got a worthy contender Mutsumi-senpai.

Obviously, I am in Team Igarashi or Team Mutsumi at this point. Nana and Shinomiya can create a BL pair for all we care. I mean, the latter two only care about Kae’s looks so I want a good end for our fujoshi lead. Moreover, they actually have good chemistry. I think it’s high time to stop shipping 5 x 7 and see these two as a thing.


While still lagging behind Flip Flappers, Classicaloid finally brought a fairly entertaining and heartwarming episode. The reason for Beethoven’s penchant for gyozas is finally answered in a poignant way that connected to the plot. Moreover, we finally saw slips in the show’s brewing grand premise and it gave me hope to continue watching this. Also, this week’s Muzik is actually the funniest and best in a WTF kind of weird. Rat men in suit? Check. Beethoven’s penguins? Check. This is what I expected in Classicaloid in the first place.

If there’s one thing I am iffy with this episode, perhaps it is Wolf’s admission that they are indeed Classicaloids. I thought they forgot how to use their powers in episode 2 and now they remember their origin in an instant?

PS: What happened to Kanae? I mean, she was very gorgeous when she was young. Why did she turn to a sour person after all these years?

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