Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Six

Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Six

Osu! To those who follow my weekly post in Vox Artes, we are now past midway this season. It only means we are now gearing towards the end of 2016 in anime. How do your shows fare up to this point?

If I am asked, I think this is the season of gay – and that’s for a good reason. It seems like the Japanese market finally decided to milk the cash cows. Yet to discount these series as trashy baits is uncalled for as most of these Fall 2016 shows are actually good! Shall we now start the overview?


Yuri!!! on ICE

As for the best new show (and the gayest) this week, Yuri on Ice delivered what I needed since episode one. Amplify Yuri’s hesitation in his own abilities, make the skating more on the performances themselves and at least keep the production in check. That’s what this episode did.

Victor tried to test the poor dude’s resolve by saying he’d retire if he messed up his routine. Man, the resolution to that conflict was just… astounding. God – I am sure I am not the only one who broke down in tears when Yuri finally snapped.

As for his performance? I think it sums my reception with the series itself. Mind you, Yuri’s performance is far from perfect since he fell a few times but his high moments really stood out. Well I kind of predicted he would finish second in the Regional Meet but it’s not a bad thing. Aside from that wonderful Phitchit performance, I am rooting for the Thai skater. He’s just that cute.

Flip Flappers

Waah. I think Papika and Cocona shouldn’t have messed with Iroha’s memory in the first place. The effect of what they did last week was presented here, and it’s an ugly one. Now that Iroha’s regret for not coming to her grandma is gone, she has no reason to paint anymore. Cocona’s hesitation to go to Pure Illusion makes sense, but Papika has no idea of what the latter felt.

The latter half of this episode is the same as Flip Flapper’s previous efforts. We get some visually enticing scenarios but color me clueless about the actual story it is trying to tell. I know it’s a symbolism for Cocona’s confusion as to who is Papika in her life but that could be done in a way we can easily follow though. Aaaaahg!


I might as well describe this episode as where Toyohisa carried the show by himself. Seriously, this dude is too pure for this Drifters vs. Ends thing the show is trying to sell! Well, the convergence of the subplots is really neat. The other Drifters arrived without being jarring and with a bang! Lastly, there’s literally no bad humor in this episode so I can call this a great week for Drifters.

Another thing I appreciated here is the portrayal of cultural differences. I know, Japan is a patriarchal nation so I am not surprised when Toyohisa decided not to kill Joanne of Arc at the last minute. He sees no reward in cutting a woman’s head. Dude, she tried to barbecue you seconds before though. In Joanne of Arc’s defense, her backstory is told in a (twisted) manner that made me understand why she hated humanity.

Moreover, the commentaries about feudal Japan are very much appreciated. I expect next week to be a bit of a downer all thanks to the portion where these Drifters have to warm up to each other. For now, I’ll say I loved this Drifters episode without reservation.


Poco’s Udon World

This is the weakest Poco’s Udon World to date to be honest. Tawara in Tokyo makes a refreshing scene for the series but that ran past its welcome very fast. I am just wishing for him to go back half the time. New characters were introduced, and I am not sure whether I appreciated their presence even for a short time or not. Well, his kouhai is fun but Nakajima is a better deuteragonist.

However, this week is not a waste by any means. It shows Tawara’s change of heart (at least for now) about selling his late parents’ house and his resolve to leave Tokyo. Poco’s not satisfied with his new life in the city to the extent where he got sick. The episode also presented his motivation for being a web developer. Lastly, this show pulled its signature wistful mood in revisiting memories and tackling issues like handling kids and its consequences.

Kiss Him, Not Me!

Perhaps this is the most anime episode of Kiss Him, Not Me and my reaction is fairly mixed. Well, its brand of fujoshi joke and flat out shallowness remains funny but the overall theme of this week left me feeling meh. The anime version of Akane versus his the real life figure is funny for 5 minutes. It became annoying by the last 3 minutes.

On a good note, woot woot! Team Igarashi and Team Mutsumi are actually advancing towards the finish line. The former becomes a smooth operator in terms of wooing Kae but this episode should add more fuel to the senpai’s ship. We all know he is mostly a harmless character until this week showed that he is really interested in Kae. I want him to win as he saw Kae as special even before she got pretty.

PS: I laughed with Nishina taking pictures of Igarashi performing a CPR on Nanashima. I hope she gives them to Kae so they can fangirl together.


Well, I give this episode a pass for actually trying to inject life, albeit Kanae’s change in mood was really jarring. I thought this week was filler material until Mozart pulled out his other Muzik, which turned out really creepy. I do not have much to say about this episode, other than I was not bored this time.



Uprooting the turnips-using butts aside, this Keijo episode remains really tame. My excitement for every new episode is now gone thanks to its overly brisk pacing sprinkled with out of place fanservice. There’s this upcoming East versus West race and it was supposed to be important. I can’t tell though, as it was not given much emphasis. The same can be said of Shirayuki – who is this professional Keijo player? Really. Nonetheless, you can still watch it to kill some time.


It’s no secret I hate Occultic;Nine. The story it tries to present is really good – if not for the cluttered writing and presentation. Every time it shows something interesting, we get an equal time where Ryo-tas, Gamon and his gang spew annoying lines. Hence, the actual plot moves slowly even after eight episodes.

I am not sure whether the revelation that they really did commit mass suicide is worthy granted how awfully presented the past offerings were. Sure, it is a fascinating unveiling, but what will the show do after this? The presence of an evil organization hinted at in the last two weeks must have something to do with the mass suicide but gah, I can’t help but yawn at the thought. I am sure the show will zoom things really fast just to get to the end.

Other than that, Asuna’s presence did not do much for me until she saw Yuta’s soul and dead body in the last frame. Yet I can’t deny her parts are the best moments here. The show’s portrayal of her psychometry is visually rich, even if the events themselves are milquetoast.

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