Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Five

Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Five
We are now nearing the midway of this season. Time flies fast but here’s another overview for this week!


Flip Flappers

I just need one more episode of greatness from Flip Flappers to declare it as Fall 2016’s frontrunner. As if its mastery of building an atmosphere wasn’t enough, this week utilized the importance of colors in portraying memories. Yes, the orange hues convey good ones and the blue ones recount sad events. The actual story is emotionally stirring. I sort of teared up with Iroha’s back story all told through Pure Illusion. Family issues and finding an escape from it sounds good. Yet what happens if your refuge becomes a potent childhood trauma?

On a more serious note, I get the horror of a loved one not remembering someone else anymore due to dementia. Flip Flappers tackled the issue head on without bordering on melodrama. The result? We got some poignant resolution. I am getting a hang of the show’s plot and color me excited by what’s in store for next week’s Flip Flappers.


Poco’s Udon World

Unfortunately, nothing much is remarkable after that awesome episode of Flip Flappers. Poco’s Udon World remains more of the same which means it tackled adult issues with our tanuki on the sidelines. Well, it kind of works because:

  1. Nakajima proved to be a likable character with his backstory a good one. Who does not want to chase the success of the man you admire?
  2. Tawara is a decent protagonist as he has enough personality to breeze through an entire episode’s worth of fluff.

Let’s discuss the positives first. The fifth episode is actually very good because we got proper time to spend with Nakajima beforehand. I sensed we were up to something good when a flashback of his childhood was shown.

Yes, you admire someone and you do your best to reach them. However, you lose them in the midst of getting there and it becomes all awkward when you meet them again. That’s what happened with Nakajima as he grew up. With his effort to succeed his father, he sort of lost his connection with his family.

Well, the episode ended in a very high note. It goes on to show that rekindling family bonds does not need words – especially between a father and son. Who would have thought a pineapple can bring two awkward persons together again? My only quip in this episode is the GaoGao segment. I know it sort of mirrored the summary of this episode but that is neither funny nor entertaining. That’s all.

PS: As much as I love the dude, the onsen scene is not the reason why I loved that episode.


Kiss Him, Not Me!

On the other side of the spectrum, Kiss Him, Not Me’s fifth episode presented another shallow affair but darn those effectively funny moments. I swear to God – shipping wars are really scary. I have a fujoshi friend in real life: we ship characters and sometimes go in heated arguments. So I can say Nishina and Kae’s fight isn’t that farfetched. The resolution might be deemed stupid in some circles but that’s the only way to fix a shipping war.

On the other hand, I think the staff inserted some anime original stuff in this episode – and it’s not all for the better. The Kachu Ranbu trailer did not click so much for me but it was needed to fuel the conflict. I also didn’t remember the beginning sequence to be that long. It sucked some life from this week’s offering, you know.

PS: Why am I sensing that Igarashi will end up with Nishina? No – I want him to be with Kae. He’s my bet in this otome-styled show!

PPS: Lastly, Shinomiya has a pet iguana. How moe. You read that right. A freakin’ iguana.


You know what? The first and the last five minutes of Drifters are equal to Flip Flappers’ goodness. Yet it sucks that we have to deal with bad humor for the next ten minutes. Blerg.

I don’t know if Oda really cares for Toyohisa but I think my cluelessness is a good thing. I prefer a character’s motive to be that clear yet so obscure at the same time. Nonetheless, Toyohisa is shaping himself to be a nice antithesis to Oda. The former tells the latter he cannot capture the hearts of his subordinates. Hence, Oda suffered from numerous revolutions. Toyohisa knows it, and is also aware of the fact that he has what Oda lacks. I am curious about their dynamics.

Another intriguing aspect of this week is on how the Orte Empire rose. Yes, the author is willing to bastardize history because that Drifter is nothing less than Hitler. I am disturbed by how this show paralleled Nazi Germany in this episode. Racial discrimination under the ruling of a supreme group is just that… uncomfortable to watch. I don’t call it bad (the show’s humor is bad though) but I can’t enjoy that scenario.

Toyohisa’s group leading the Elves against the Orte Empire caught the attention of the enemies. I wonder how they will fight Joan of Arc next week. The girl alone is just as badass as his group.


Okay. This is the second week where Classicaloid did not drive me to sleep. The Classicaloids are apparently reincarnations of these esteemed musicians and they have Muzik which will affect the world. Not that I am amazed but I wished they had brought this premise in episode 2 for better appreciation. I also thank the anime kami-sama for giving Kanae a bit of characterization this week. She sort of snapped with the shenanigans these Classicaloids bring to her house and it turned out to be for the better. With them gone, her reaction was quite mixed. To be honest, I always saw Kanae as pretty one-dimensional but that move gave her a bit of personality.

The events after that are a tad predictable. The enemies come after Kanae and she was saved by Beethoven’s group at the last minute. Nonetheless, something interesting happened in between. Bach was introduced and he bailed them out when their abilities went out of control. He is poised to be the show’s antagonistic figure but I don’t buy it since he is an ally of Kanae’s father. Now that all of the Classicaloids have been given proper introduction, can we move to the main plot?



Amusing butt battles aside, it seems like I am getting tired of Keijo’s antics. Yeah, this is the con if you keep on playing your rules seriously without bending them once in a while. It’s starting to feel like Keijo!!!!!!!! is Prince of Stride all over again! We got a pile of good characters but the actual contents are just as mediocre as your average sports show.

While I am also happy for the girls getting in the elite class, I am thinking that this is all too sudden. Are there really sudden changes in their lifestyle with their ascent? Well, the show didn’t paint much of their life in the regular class so color me clueless.

I also think Keijo!!!!!!!! lost an opportunity when Nozomi met the player shown in the very first episode. Isn’t she her idol or something? Whatever spark it might have was glossed aside for their race that dragged a bit. I know, Nozomi has to find her weakness or something but do we need three extra minutes for that?


I am pretty sure the source material is better than this mess. I can see the premise and the horror this episode brought. Yet, am I the only one who lost the track of the plot the moment an evil-type organization appeared midway?

As if the excessive number of subplots is not enough, I also got too distracted by the voluminous dialogue and the camera angles this episode. Do you expect me to appreciate the art in the Detective and Aria’s conversation when I got dizzy? Do you think I will get hooked with the cursed item they presented in the beginning of this episode if they tell it Monogatari-style only three times faster?

In all fairness, the use of colors in the restaurant and in the temple is horrifying enough – reminding us what Occultic;Nine could have done if it chilled down. The final minutes of the show presented another twist that is effective enough in terms of scare. This episode is just a mess in terms of storytelling.

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