Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Three

Samui’s Weekly Round-Up – Fall 2016 – Week Three

Osu! I’m here again with my weekly roundups. Added are Drifters (that cool action show) and Poco’s Udon World (another parenting show). Is it just me or is this season the gayest this year? Let’s start.



Drifters can be summarized as a series with cool action but with godawful jokes. Man, these jarring shifts in artwork and the crappy humor destroy the mood it evokes. Maybe it’s the author’s way to make these historical figures more human but I am not sure about its negative effects in the series. There’s one effective comedic timing this week when they realized the lifespan of the elves. The rest? I am raising an eyebrow.

Now, on to my compliments. Those action sequences and the plot lines feel like I am playing a chess game. I am not saying that Drifters is a smart series but it utilizes this multi-party archetype well. Toyohisa leading the elves to rise against the knights, the Octobrist defending themselves and the Black King trying to end the world – all were given proper amount of time for set up. The lack of dialogue made these figures more caricature-ish but it matches the show well. This should be fun.

Poco’s Udon World

Thank God for the holidays. I was also able to catch up with Poco’s Udon World. I am not entirely sold with its emotionally distant way of presenting things but it’s a nice way to kill time. However, its key strength lies with the interaction between the adult male leads like in this week’s episode.

The friendship between Nakajima and Tawara is amusing. Anime conversations normally tend to be too glossy to be convincing. Here, we got two men talking about their past and what they will do in the future. All with bits or regret and cynicism that are normally found in adult conversation. Nakajima and his pursuit of his career and Tawara’s conflicting thoughts about closing the shop are emotionally palpable. I ended up having a wistful mood just by listening to their stories.

Make no mistake – this episode is also Poco’s Udon World’s funniest. Nakajima’s tantrum about wanting to go fishing with Tawara is a sheer pleasure to watch. Tawara’s encounter with his first love is also great. It’s just that, where’s the udon in this show?


Kiss Him, Not Me!

Another week passes, and Kiss Him, Not Me delivers another funny offering. I have been at an anime convention and my reaction is just the same as the boys’. It was really fun but can be tiring thanks to the crowd. Well, I also imagine their horror trying to buy BL manga in front of fujoshi shipping them. This makes it very entertaining but uncomfortable at the same time. Couple that with Kae’s funny narration, we were up to a riotous first half.

The second half saw the introduction of the final member to Kae’s reverse harem. I love how ridiculously OP Nishina is and the way she utterly defeated the boys in winning Kae’s attentions. The last seconds of this episode went really serious when we had some yuri-bait kiss. Who says Kiss Him, Not Me? is just a fujoshi show?

My only quip is that this show does not bother having progression in the reverse harem department. I personally don’t care much if it remains this funny.

Flip Flappers

I guess Flip Flappers also has an episode that focuses more on fanservice than plot progression, doesn’t it? This is a bit of a downer since last week hinted at some antagonistic forces and bits about their transformation. Instead, we got to see Papika’s home (or what was that, actually?) then a sleepover to synch their feelings. Why do I think Kiznaiver has done this already?

The episode’s highlight is probably Cocona’s dream sequence which is creepy and cryptic at the same time. I think that will play a major part in the story later on. We also get a picture of the main plot about world domination but the parts remain abstract as ever. If only this episode showed more of that rather than their ‘do nothing and be cute’ stance. For now, enjoy the visuals and try not to think too much.


You know what, this week’s Keijo!!!!!!! was really fun to watch. I already said before that it should have used Miyata’s circumstances to be more interesting and this is what happened in this episode. The fights are nothing short of ridiculously amazing, with boob hypnosis sealing the deal.

Miyata and Rin’s fight is entertaining with their secret techniques released akin to a bad shounen show. Yet hey, it works given the show’s crazy premise. Non’s fight was just lol-worthy and mixes fan service and legit plot nicely. However, I am a tad cold regarding Aoba’s sequence as it was really predictable. Yes, I enjoyed the terrifying boob hypnosis but I think it was really clichéd. Lastly, does Miyata really have to let weird noises go off with her butt massage? I don’t know.

Nonetheless, Keijo!!!!!!! proved that it can have a passable episode even without Nozomi in the spotlight.



This episode is probably Classicaloid’s best to date but still not enough to sustain my interest in the whole show. It’s true that the amount of crazy increased thanks to Franz but his introduction has outstayed its welcome and these parts dragged on. I know their Muzik is triggered whenever they have strong emotional stimulation, but what the heck triggered his when he wasn’t facing Beethoven? Talk about narrative lapses.

Well, I had fun while the insanity lasted. You got some crazy kouhai there Beethoven. Classicaloid also shows some traces of actual plot, which can be sinister despite its goofy surface. That is, if I am still watching this show. Ugh.


It seems like this show has a habit of making itself annoying whenever something important happens. Last week hinted that there might be something in this show, only to let us down with another dialogue-heavy episode. In fairness, the good parts are on par with this season’s better shows (Aria’s deal with the devil) and Occultic;Nine’s own beginning sequence. They also (sort of) proceeded with the investigation of the mass suicide. The BL manga starting with Hashigami’s murder began to make sense and Ami’s search for her lost friend continues.

It’s just that Occultic; Nine’s bad moments are far too many to ignore.

They wasted so much time with the dialogue in the restaurant which did not make sense at all. Why not just continue pushing the plot forward and investigate the hell out of the occult? I had enough when Gamo began to blabber nonsensically. Then I flipped my smartphone and tried to search for something better. Yes, there is a limit to how annoying a main lead can be in a show and he reached mine. The storytelling does not improve either, which means it’s totally understandable if you don’t get a thing even after four episodes.

Lastly, Occultic;Nine ended with another good cliffhanger but that’s avout the only thing this show does legitimately good. I bet I will be let down (again) with another dialogue-heavy but plot-empty episode next week.

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