Re:Creators 1: Fictional Characters Take Revenge On Abusive Creators

Re:Creators 1: Fictional Characters Take Revenge On Abusive Creators

The first episode of Re:Creators has aired and along with its neat visuals, it has introduced some fairly interesting things too.

The show is basically about anime, manga, light novel characters somehow winding up in the real world. It’s a rather unique concept seldom seen in anime, and it’s something which most otaku would want to happen (though many would want their 2D waifus to come out instead of some more interesting characters).

The episode starts with shots of different adverts of the many anime airing as people walk around. Then there’s this girl who jumps right in front of a train. Who this girl is and whether her death is important in any way is a mystery which doesn’t intrigue us that much.

The main character is the loser otaku, Souta, who starts off with some weird deep dialogue. Next he goes home to watch his favorite fantasy mecha anime about this red haired fighter princess. But some weird things start to happen with his tablet: it starts glitching and then some foreign words appear on the screen. This “glitch” takes Souta into a different world, in the midst of a fight between his favorite character and a super strong white haired female. Things happen and Selesia ends up saving Souta and the two go to the real world.

Selesia doesn’t know what happened and suspects the otaku of being in cahoots with the bad guys. Souta tries to explain to her that she is a character from a popular anime which was adapted from a light novel. It’s interesting to see how she takes in everything Souta tells her, including a line for which she was the only audience in the original story.

The mysterious white haired female calls this world “The Land of Gods”, which is obviously referencing to the authors of their respective stories. She and Meteora, another female from her world, are in search of their “creators” and the reason is pretty much clear: they want to have a word with them about the direction of their story.

We can’t say for sure whether the female “villain” is really a villain, because this could be a case of her having to suffer in the story despite being on the good guys’ side. But whatever the case, she holds some serious animosity towards her story’s authors, which is why she calls this world a “hideous place where dubious creators live.”

Selesia, after fighting the white haired female for a second time in the real world, accepts this reality: as we see in the very end, she’s living with Souta and Meteoran, even buying her own food using the student’s money. What she plans on doing in this world should become clear soon. She has calmed down considerably after that little shock in the beginning, partly thanks to Souta beating the reality of things into her. Meteora has been in this world far longer than Selesia but hasn’t been able to find her creator. What she wants to do when she finds them hasn’t been revealed yet, but she does seem to be on the good side and will probably want to protect her author from the other female.

Watch two convincing fight scenes from this episode:

The visuals are quite nice. The action sequences had some of the excitement expected of such scenes. The view from Souta’s glasses as he walked towards his room was especially fascinating. Troyca’s previous works also have similarly nice visuals, so this much was expected.

There are still more characters coming from other anime to be introduced, and how they all take in the fact that this isn’t their own world will be interesting. What Selesia plans on doing now is of intrigue: will she want to go back home; will she want to try and change her fate in her story; or will she leave everything behind and try to live a new life here?

The concept is pretty uncommon, and if Re:Creators can take things in the interesting direction it will surely be a blast to watch. It also has some good enough visuals to carry it forward. This show has some potential and we’d like to see it deliver.

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2 Responses to Re:Creators 1: Fictional Characters Take Revenge On Abusive Creators

  1. The show looks good and the music is on point, but does anyone else find the glasses scene weird in a bad way? Also, it’s funny how the narrator apparently has no blood and that there are conveniently no cars around when the action scene in the highway takes place…

    • I found that glasses scene weird in a good way because it’s kinda… different. I wouldn’t call it unique because I was watching Canaan the other day and they used this kind of view quite a lot. But I think they did this scene quite nicely here.

      Also, the guy has blood, but probably not enough given how deep a cut he got there.

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