Princess Principal 4: United Spies… For Now

Princess Principal 4: United Spies… For Now

Princess Principal‘s latest episode has another exciting mission for our kawaii spies while also showing why the ninja loli joined their ranks.

Cavorite comes into focus as the mission this time around is to get a mini Cavorite using device which is similar to Ange’s. The Kingdom has perfected it and an insider has given them information about it. All the girls need to do is to get the prototype to deal a big blow to the Kingdom.

This mission will also decide, to an extent, whether the Princess is a double agent or not. The Princess is bound to sabotage the plan at any point if she’s a double agent because of how damaging it is to her country.

Moving on to Chise, she’s a representative of sorts of Japan. This far eastern country wants to decide which team they’re on, and for that purpose, Chise has been planted here. If at any point, the Kingdom seems more promising, she’ll betray the Commonwealth and join the other team.

Both Chise and the Princess are under observation for any signs of double crossing or betrayal. A reason why Chise was told to stay with the Princess on both occasions was that she wasn’t completely one of them.

The plan goes smoothly until the decisive part where Ange has to take the device. Turns out the Kingdom’s intelligence agency pulled a fast one and evacuated the premises beforehand because they had determined the presence of a mole within the research team. The prime suspect for leaking information was the Princess or Beatrice, but it is later on determined by Dorothy that the Princess isn’t a double agent since she’s needlessly putting herself in danger by deciding to board the ship to get the Cavorite device. But headquarters still has the Princess in the grey zone.

But here’s the main thing, only Dorothy has been told to keep an eye on the Princess. Ange doesn’t know about headquarter’s suspicions yet. Why was Dorothy only told? Is it because she’s the oldest of the team? But then why was she specifically told to keep it a secret? Does the headquarter think Ange is suspicious too?

Since Beatrice, the Princess and Chise have become part of the team and are new to this spy business, we get to see a training session too as the girls practice tailing someone. They also have some fun deciding a cute name for their badass spy team which is reinforcing the idea that they are still high school girls (except for Dorothy, though she fits in almost too perfectly).

Even though Dorothy fits in with her high school girl team, she has her specialties which make her stand out. She’s the most useful when it comes to distracting males as her seduction technique works brilliantly. She also seems like the most mature of the girls (with Ange in close second) and is much trusted by headquarters.

There’s also this thing about the Princess having to marry soon. Although the Queen wants to wait till the girl’s graduated from high school, there are those who want to get this done ASAP. This will prove to be a problem for the Princess and her desire to be queen and bring some serious changes in the land.

This has been another exciting episode as the mission this time was similarly dangerous to their other missions. But this time around, the Princess decided to go for some field work herself instead of staying back in the getaway car. She did end up making things quite interesting as her entry into the main room with that veil over her face felt kinda badass. Beatrice has also gotten used to this spy stuff as she proved to be quite useful with her mechanical voice box, as opposed to how she unintentionally caused Ange some trouble in her first mission.

We’ve gotten all the girls in the party and there are some possible betrayals in store for us. We’re not sure if they’ll take that route, but it’ll surely be amazing if Chise ends up having to switch parties due to orders from the higher ups. She has gotten somewhat attached to the girls in her party, but she’ll still have to follow orders from above.

All these girls have proven to be quite interesting; Princess and Ange are working together to betray everyone at some point, Dorothy suspects the Princess because of what headquarters said, Chise doesn’t have any loyalty to the Commonwealth and can betray them any time, and Ange and Dorothy suspect Chise to an extent. They’re one team but they don’t fully trust each other due to all the lies flying about. Even though we saw how great a team they made in the first episode, there’s this lack of trust among the girls here. Things would be very interesting if they don’t become such close friends and stay loyal to their jobs and what they stand for only.

Princess Principal continues its exciting run with the spy girls getting all sorts of dangerous missions and ending up successful. It’s about time we got to see a mission go wrong due to whatever reasons.

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