Princess Principal 3: A Story Of Deception With A Noble Goal

Princess Principal 3: A Story Of Deception With A Noble Goal

It’s another exciting mission for our spy girls this week in Princess Principal, as we also figure out the direction the show may be heading in.

Last week we feared that Ange being the Princess’ long lost friend may have negated the Princess wanting to become queen, but this week we learn that the Princess was serious about wanting to become queen.

The Princess wanted to do something about the wall separating the two girls, but the only way she could make a difference was if she were in a decision making position, which she isn’t. And this is where the desire to become queen comes in. Sure, it’s a rather childish and idealistic dream–things may prove more difficult than she’s thinking–but she is a kid after all.

The possible direction being sketched here is that Ange will be deceiving everyone to put the Princess on the throne. Headquarters, the Kingdom, and even her fellow spies are completely oblivious to this plan. It would sure be something if she ends up putting the making the Princess Queen, and everyone is left dumbstruck with no idea what on earth just happened or how it came to that.

The mission itself is pretty exciting. The girls are to retrieve some plates for the Commonwealth pound from, once again, the Duke of Normandy. This Duke is the main enemy our heroines are up against; he was the enemy last week, and the one the girls made contact with in the first episode which is chronologically placed somewhere ahead of the current moment in this show’s timeline.

Control is quick to use the Princess for their plan, as she is to help create an opening so that Ange can board the aircraft. Beatrice is probably unaware of what exactly the plan is, which is why she tags along with Ange and ends up accompanying her in the mission’s dangerous part.

The focus on deception doesn’t go away: Dorothy uses her sexiness to board the plane and create that opening while the Princess has everyone distracted with her presence.

We get some focus on Beatrice, learning that her father was probably mentally ill and used his own daughter as a test subject and gave her a mechanical voice box. She was ostracized and made fun of for that, which prompted the Princess to give her shelter. Beatrice feels indebted to the Princess and wants to make it up to her, hence the desire to protect her from the evil, deceptive spies.

But this desire has put her in a tricky spot. She has two options: either stay away from the Princess so that she doesn’t get caught and spills all the beans, or help the Princess and the spies out in their missions. She chooses the latter, most likely because of how Ange scares her about how easy it’ll be to make an untrained girl confess everything.

Beatrice’s presence makes the plan go awry, but Ange somehow manages, until the finale in the gun room where she gets injured. And this is when Beatrice takes action and shows how useful her mechanical voice box can be. She uses it to imitate the voice of the Duke’s man over there and prevent the door from being blown down. The Princess joining the spies has forced Beatrice into this tricky situation where she has no choice but to betray her country it she wants to stay by her hime-sama’s side.

This newest episode had another exciting mission, watch the best of it below:

There’s also one short moment where Beatrice says that Ange looks almost exactly like the Princess. Ange did nearly flawlessly imitate the Princess in the last episode, and her original purpose here was for Operation Changeling (the dictionary meaning of which is a baby secretly placed to replace another baby), so is there really a reason why Ange has this resemblance to the Princess? Could they be long lost twins? Or could this actually be a case of a changeling? Whether we’re reading too much into this or not, only time will tell, but given this is a story of espionage, deception, and everything in between, it is a real possibility.

Princess Principal occasionally tries to show that these girls are actually young, too. They make some jokes, have their teatime, have some fun. This contrast, however, isn’t getting much focus as these scenes don’t get the treatment typical comedy scenes would, and that’s knowing most of the time is being used to show the girls on deadly missions.

The animation has been pretty reserved as a whole. The scene in the gun room was good but nothing to write home about. This is the same Studio 3Hz who did the jaw dropping Flip Flappers even though their production scheduling was somewhat off towards the end. They’ve got the help of Actas, but this studio has had lots of trouble with its productions in recent times. That said, even if the show doesn’t give us some awe-inspiring sakuga, it could at least be passable visually as long as it manages some visual consistency.

Princess Principal has set up its direction, and that’s pretty cool. Ange expressing her determination to deceive everyone in order fulfill the Princess’ dream makes quite a striking scene and shows the strong relationship between the two.

With these two missions we’ve gotten to know how most of this spy team has been formed. The only one left is the badass ninja loli who took out a car with her sword, dropped into the enemy base and reached the Duke of Normandy herself. But given her skills, she probably doesn’t have a story like the Princess or Beatrice. She’s probably going to be either a new recruit or a transfer spy similar to Ange.

Princess Principal has managed to sell itself quite successfully with these first three episodes. The missions have been exciting and the characters are somewhat interesting too. The route taken by the show makes one wonder how Ange will manage to raise a high school Princess to the throne while deceiving her own spy agency, the Kingdom and its spy agency, and possibly even her spying comrades. Since this story is an original project, we can expect some closure here, unless the creators plan on a sequel and leave things halfway done. Since they’ve started Ange on a journey to put her dear Princess on the Queen’s seat, they may as well go through with it. We can expect more exciting missions for these girls as they put themselves in life-threatening situations for the sake of their country.

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