Princess Principal 2: A Princess’ Betrayal

Princess Principal 2: A Princess’ Betrayal

Princess Principal goes back to the past and delivers quite an exciting episode only to disappoint us with just one sentence in the end.

After showing the girls in action last week, we get to see how it all started this time around.

Ange transfers into Queen’s May Fair Academy as a girl from Incognia (a colony), on a scholarship due to her exceptional grades. Ange’s mission here–with help from Dorothy, a 20 year old disguised as a high school girl–is to get to the Princess and replace her. This is to be done in order to get information from within the royal family. At the same time, another event is going on regarding a new warship of the Kingdom.

Ange and Dorothy get themselves some party dresses to attend a function where the Princess will be present. Things change and their mission shifts to taking a key which would give them the blueprints of the warship.

We see how these spy girls lie throughout the course of the episode. Ange has got some serious acting skills as her cover is that of a clumsy high school girl. She so masterfully switches between her stoic personality and her clumsy act when necessary. During the function, Dorothy sets her dress lower to further accentuate her breasts and goes to the key holder to try and seduce him to get the key. She fails, though not because she wasn’t sexy enough, but because the Duke’s people had him surrounded.

When this fails, Ange goes in for her try. Because of her “clumsiness” she “accidentally” spills her glass of organic dye on the Princess’ dress, then she gets that dress, then a wig and goes out as the Princess. Her acting is near perfect as the minister doesn’t suspect a thing about her.

The dance scene here is quite neat overall. Though with Ballroom e Youkosou airing right next to this one with and focusing on ballroom dancing, this little sequence pales in comparison. However, there is a certain degree of polish overall in this show; it was seen in the previous episode and it’s visible here too. You get some great camera angles here, like showing Ange to be horizontal when she first meets Dorothy when in fact she was standing on a wall, and then there’s the scene where the Princess enters the hall after getting her clothes cleaned.

Coming back to the dance of this episode, Ange makes some promises to the man during it in order to get the key. These promises might end up causing problems for the Princess: the Duke will interrogate the minister who will confess that the key is with the Princess because she promised him help with defecting, andthe Princess will be asked about this man. Though ditching this man might not be too difficult considering how she’s betraying her own Kingdom at the moment even though she’s the fourth in line to the throne.

The most interesting thing here is when the Princess determines that Ange and Dorothy are enemy spies. She wants to join in, with the reason being that she wants to be queen. This is kind of unexpected considering how she’s such a sweet little girl. Turns out she’s quite cunning herself as she uses the fact that she knows the identity of the spies to negotiate with the Commonwealth spy agency. The Princess makes things even more exciting as she has the whole agency in panic over how their spies’ cover was blown. They start their investigation because they suspect that the Princess may be a double agent. It’ll take some time for the Princess to gain their trust.

But that’s where all the excitement ends as we learn later on that Ange is “Charlotte” and knew the Princess until they were separated some ten years ago. This negates what the Princess said before about her wanting to be queen as now it appears that she only helped out her long lost friend, as Ange was the one who revealed her spy identity.

Two friends separated by the division of their country and then meeting up like this is kinda lame. It would have been a whole lot cooler if they didn’t know each other and the Princess was actually a cunning girl who wants the throne for herself and is willing to sell off her own country for such power. She could even then use the fact that she knows about the Commonwealth’s spy activities to blackmail them when she sees fit.

But with all these deceitful girls over here, you never know what really is the truth. Maybe the Princess wasn’t lying about her wanting to become queen. Either way she’ll have to play along with that because it’s doubtful that she’ll reveal her relationship with Ange at any point, but it will be infinitely better if she really wants the throne. It could be better if the Princess ends up betraying the spy agency itself at some point, or if it turns out that Ange has been fooling the Princess all this time, though we’d rather not expect too much here.

A princess of all people betraying her own Kingdom for the sake of her friend who is spying for the enemy and is breaking a treaty in the process does have a nice ring to it, but a princess betraying her country so that she can become queen sounds even better.

There’s also this tiny little detail about the nobility in Albion. When it is announced that Ange is from Incognia, there were some girls who didn’t know about that place even though it’s a colony under Albion. It shows some arrogance that these pampered and sheltered daughters of the country’s nobility don’t even know how big their own country is. It’s like they don’t care about the lands under their control, and hence the people living there. It also shows a distance between the nobles and their colonies, and possibly even those in the mainland to some extent. It would be really interesting if this gets some more focus later on and becomes a reason why many people want to flee from the Kingdom.

Princess Principal did manage to deliver quite an exciting episode as Ange’s first mission in the Kingdom was quite a thrilling adventure, even though that last sentence ruined things a bit. We’ve somewhat gotten to know the girls more, but there’s still a lot hidden behind those lies. We still haven’t gotten a clear idea of the show’s direction, but if it has some more exciting missions like this and holds back on some disappointing revelations, this might still be really worth the watch.

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