My Hero Academia 33: The Symbol Of Peace’s Lonely Fate

My Hero Academia 33: The Symbol Of Peace’s Lonely Fate

The kids are back to school in My Hero Academia, and it’s also time for All Might to tell his successor everything he needs to know.

The first training task is a race to rescue someone (All Might) in distress. The kids have to get through an industrial labyrinth, and the first one to reach All Might wins. Everyone is thinking that Midoriya has no chance of winning because every time he uses his quirk he gets injured. But his training proves them wrong as with 5% One for All power he blazes through the course only to make a single misstep and lose the race.

Everyone compares Midoriya’s moves to Bakugo’s. You don’t need to go to another episode to watch Bakugo jumping around to confirm. Just look at the final cut of the opening sequence where Bakugo is showing off amidst some background animation. See how Bakugo jumps from side to side before doing a mid-air front flip over the signboard and compare it with Midoriya’s moves here.

There’s this focus on Bakugo from time to time regarding how he wants to be the best. Midoriya copying his cool moves doesn’t sit right with him, and he’s seen fuming over Midoriya’s coolness.

Then we get to the really important stuff: the history of One for All and All for One.

When quirks first appeared, there was unrest over how these quirky people aren’t humans. An evil man with a quirk stealing quirk popped up and started stealing quirks and gained quite a few followers. His younger brother was seemingly quirkless, but in fact had power to transfer quirks from himself to others. The evil man gave his brother a high dose of energy, but couldn’t bring him under his control, and he rebelled.

The power this brother had is now One for All while the evil man had All for One. One for All had to defeat All for One, and All Might did smash his face to bits. But the evil man got his hands on a regeneration quirk and he’s now back. He’s trying to get Shigaraki to replace him as the next big villain.

Since All Might failed to completely eliminate All for One, it is now Midoriya’s destiny to do the deed.

The latter half was a bit of an info dump, but this was really necessary and it touched upon very intriguing elements; as such, we don’t mind.

Midoriya’s new mastery of his power, the origins of All Might’s power… this episode had a lot. Watch the most important below:

There’s also this interesting thing Gran Torino said about how the name “Deku” would soon be celebrated as the Symbol of Peace and how All Might would be a thing of the past. Then there’s something All Might wanted to tell Midoriya regarding the possibility of him not being there for the kid when he will have to face All for One.

They didn’t explicitly tell us anything concrete, but we can assume that all these One for All wielders become the Symbol of Peace at some point but then lose that position to their successor. And as the successor rises, the predecessor is forgotten. This is probably due to how people are quick to jump on to the next fad while forgetting the previous one. That, or there could be a drawback to this immense power. But since Midoriya doesn’t know about All Might’s predecessor or Gran Torino (despite the latter having been a teacher at U.A Academy of all places), it makes us believe that the former of our speculations is strong. Gran Torino may have been the Symbol of Peace at some point but got replaced either by All Might or his predecessor.

This is an interesting possibility and Midoriya should soon learn about it. All Might will have to tell him, so that Midoriya can mentally prepare himself for facing the enemy without his hero’s help.

My Hero Academia has officially introduced its main villain. But things won’t stop after killing that evil man, because Shigaraki is poised to become the next big villain. Midoriya has been told his destiny as the newest wielder of One for All, and he has accepted this fate.

Summer vacations are just around the corner and the kids have to pass a test before they can join the summer camp. This test should be interesting, as the kids will be up against the pro hero teachers of their school.

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