My Hero Academia 27: Midoriya Learns About His Power

My Hero Academia 27: Midoriya Learns About His Power

My Hero Academia returns from its break and we get to see the young heroes at their internships, with some special focus on Midoriya.

Midoriya is with Gran Torino and after a short gag he gets straight to the point of telling Midoriya to use his One for All on him while he jumps around the house, which is depicted through some neat camera rotation. The old geezer is too fast, so Midoriya tries to predict his position and fires a punch, which misses because gramps was too fast.

What Midoriya is doing is using One for All in short bursts when needed because he sees All Might do that; he watches All Might’s smash and thinks that’s how you use One for All. He tries to get used to his power at first by using it intermittently to jumping between two buildings and reach the top, which doesn’t work out as he ends up smashing only his face flat.

What he didn’t realize was that All Might doesn’t switch on his power when necessary; he has it switched on throughout his body at all times, but keeps it at a low voltage unless necessary. Midoriya figures this out after putting too much taiyaki in the microwave to defrost and uses this picture to switch on his power.

The idea of quirks being part of one’s body has been reinforced quite a lot here; kids with quirks get used to it real quick and then use it as if they were breathing. Midoriya’s quirk was made part of his body quite late in life so he first has to get used to it; he has to get his whole body to experience it bit by bit instead of all at once, so that his body can acclimate to the incredible amount of energy.

Since we’ve been following Midoriya for 2 cours by now, it gives a really good feeling when we see him finally figure out the right way to use his quirk. Midoriya’s picture of One for All was that of a burst of energy and force; now he’s changing that image into that of a constant supply of energy which can be increased when necessary.

Midoriya goes through important developments during this episode of training. Watch some of them below:

Other than Midoriya, we see the other kids and through them we learn the different things heroes do and stuff about their payment too. Heroes are public figures so they can appear in commercials. They’re like celebrities who happen to be civil servants too. This episode expands upon the world of heroes through the education of the soon-to-be heroes.

We see Bakugo with the number 4 hero, a guy wearing a single pair of jeans from head to toe, who tells him that he’s going to whip him into shape. Bakugo is already super strong as is and doesn’t really need some special training to get better. What he needs is an attitude adjustment as he’s too vicious to be a hero; a personality like this doesn’t suit a public servant. And this tells us something about how heroes should behave in general.

Todoroki surprisingly joins his father’s agency as an intern which shows that he will do whatever it takes to be the best, even if it means taking help from his dad. This is most likely a result of that offscreen talk he had with his mother at the hospital. And Iida-kun wants to avenge his brother by taking down Stain.

We learn something about Stain too. Despite being a bad guy, he doesn’t kill for the sake of it; he has his own ideals and convictions which is why he refuses face-palm guy’s offer to join forces. Face-palm guy simply wants to kill All Might because he hates him, which Stain terms a childish tantrum. Arataka Reigen of Mob Psycho 100 called such people kids who failed to grow up and Stain has been called in to help such a kid grow up.

There’s a contrast here: on one side you have talented kids being nurtured into good heroes, and on the other side you have talented kids being nurtured into good villains. And soon these two sides will clash.

This episode had a lot of interesting things; Midoriya’s realization, Stain, stuff about heroes, and also two mysteries: one about All Might’s predecessor who could be the mysterious person who talks to dark mist man and face-palm guy, and the other about who exactly Gran Torino is since Midoriya couldn’t get much info on him. With Midoriya finally learning how he should have been using his power, some real training can now begin. Shigaraki is also seen overpowering Stain in the next episode preview, which means that he may be forced to join the League of Villains.

We look forward to Midoriya becoming super cool with more training and then taking on Shigaraki who possibly makes contact with him next week.

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