My Hero Academia 23: A Fight That Sets The Heart On Fire

My Hero Academia 23: A Fight That Sets The Heart On Fire

The much awaited clash of the new generation is here in episode 23 of My Hero Academia, and it does not disappoint us in any way.

The episode not only has the Todoroki vs Midoriya fight, but it also has some focus on Todoroki as we get his back story.

Todoroki was born with two halves–half ice, half fire–whereas his siblings were either full ice or full fire. Because of that, his father started to train only him as his successor from a very young age. For the same reason, his mother didn’t like him because he looked weird and made the other kids jealous. For whatever happened to him or his mother, he blames his dad which is why he wants to reject him so badly.

The fight has Midoriya attempting to get Todoroki to use his hot left side and not just his cold right side.

Todoroki is perfect hero material in every way. He has the skills and the perfect quirk. Using only his cold side can leave him too cold since his body can’t handle such freezing conditions, which results in his movements slowing down. This can be solved by the heat from his hot side. Midoriya sees the drawback of only using one side and tries to make Todoroki use his other side.

Todoroki believes his fire side to be his dad’s quirk. While what quirk a child gets depends on the parents’ quirks, the quirk itself belongs to the child and no one else. That’s what All Might’s “I am here” means–this is me, my quirk is mine alone, my skills are mine alone, I am here because of myself alone and not because of someone else.

Midoriya reminds Todoroki of this and prompts him to use his left side, which pleases his father as his child is now no longer stubbornly denying his own side and can now reach his full potential.

The fight itself is nothing short of outstanding. Todoroki’s bursts of ice are all shot down with Midoriya flicking his fingers. He uses his fingers one-by-one and then proceeds to use them again even after their broken. And when he can’t make a fist anymore he uses his mouth to fire. Midoriya goes all out and even manages to land a couple of punches on Todoroki. The latter’s movements slow down in the middle which makes dealing with him easier for Midoriya.

The way the ice approaches Midoriya shows its overpowering strength, and Midoriya flicks it back. His flicking shows the immense strength of One for All as flicking a finger takes no effort at all. But that immense strength comes at a price as he loses his fingers one-by-one.

A majority of the fight is ice getting blown away here and there and it all looks cool. When Todoroki awakens, the fire surrounding him looks great. And the final scene is just something otherworldly. The animator went all out in making this scene something out of this world, fitting for the kind of fight this was.

Todoroki first sends a blast of ice towards Midoriya which he jumps over by sacrificing a leg which also gives him a crazy speed boost, seen by how he zooms past the screen. Todoroki follows this up with setting himself on fire; the way his fire envelops him looks amazing with those sparks flying around as if he’s coming out of the fire instead of it being the other way around. The immense heat melts away the towers of ice near him. There are black and white frames in between the regularly colored frames for added coolness along with showing the explosiveness of the moves and as impact frames. The fire from Todoroki looks like laser beams instead of having the flame-y look fire usually has. We can even see Midoriya’s muscles bulk up as he uses every single fiber starting from his shoulder down to his hand to give Todoroki a fitting reply. There is an abundant use of smears in the part where Todoroki is flaming up, which shows the crazy amount of heat he’s generating. And when Midoriya’s One for All smash and Todoroki’s fire blast come into contact with Cementos’ walls, it turns everything into cube-shaped debris and sends it all flying.

Midoriya was bound to lose once Todoroki went all out, but he does deal quite a blow before going down. Midoriya is thrown out of the ring after destroying it.

Watch the best moments of an utterly jaw-dropping fight between Midoriya and Todoroki:

This has been a thrilling episode with the fight being nothing short of amazing. The team at Bones really delivered one hell of a fight with the final scene literally blowing us away. Todoroki was an interesting character before, and this focus is much welcome. He has awakened to his true form and is now more formidable than before which will be troublesome for Bakugo when the two meet, hopefully in the final. Bakugo was probably happy when he saw Todoroki freezing up but now it’s gonna be a pain to deal with, since Todoroki doesn’t have that weakness anymore.

Todoroki has inadvertently pleased his father and he’ll probably tell him later on that he still hates him or something. Midoriya has injured himself quite badly by going all out with his One for All. He has gained some control over it and even took advantage of his inability to use it on humans when punching Todoroki. It’ll take quite some time for him to heal.

Next episode has the other contestants and by the looks of the next episode preview, we’ll get some super fast Iida-kun coolness which should be worth looking forward to.

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