My Hero Academia 22: A Girl’s Braveness

My Hero Academia 22: A Girl’s Braveness

My Hero Academia’s latest spectacle has cute little Ochako go up against Bakugo in a fight filled with some satisfying explosions.

Uraraka didn’t stand a chance against Bakugo, that much was clear. But that doesn’t mean that she can give up. The fight starts and she makes a dash towards Bakugo in an attempt to dodge his predictable starting attack to touch him and make him fly. But it doesn’t work. Next she immediately tries a sneak attack using her jacket as a diversion which doesn’t work either because Bakugo is just too fast for her.

The remainder of the first half is filled with Ochaco rushing towards Bakugo and getting blown away mercilessly. In this tournament, everyone is aiming for the top, which means that no one can afford to go easy on anyone. Uraraka making it this far means that she has at least something going for her, which is why Bakugo can’t hold his punches back. But with the way things start to turn out, Bakugo starts looking like some sick heartless monster who can easily throw the little girl out of bounds but is torturing her instead.

But Uraraka isn’t just some little girl. She wasn’t running around, attacking Bakugo in a desperate attempt to touch him; she had a reason for that. You can see that there is a slight amount of focus on the debris flying as Bakugo blows Uraraka away. That debris is key here. Uraraka has two ways to use it: either make it light and start flinging it at Bakugo to distract him while she moves in, or make them all float and turn it into something akin to a meteor shower.

And Ochaco rains the ring with all that debris while running towards Bakugo. Uraraka was heavily disadvantaged given how she doesn’t have a fireball or freezing or any other attacking quirk. But she used her head and got herself some ammo to use on Bakugo. But since this is Bakugo we’re talking about, he blows away the falling debris in one shot. Ochaco had bet everything on this one move and she had little energy left to continue, resulting in her defeat.

Ochako put up one impressive fight against Bakugo! Watch the best of it below:

Uraraka gave this fight her all and even gave Bakugo a tough time. He starts the fight by calling her “round face” but after her meteor shower, he calls her “Uraraka”, which shows that he has acknowledged her as a talented and formidable foe who should not be underestimated, lest she will whoop you good. Bakugo doesn’t look happy when Uraraka falls down after losing all her energy. In fact he has a somewhat concerned look on his face.

Bakugo got booed by the crowd in the middle when everyone thought that he was torturing a girl, but after seeing it rain rocks, everyone cheered when Bakugo won. The fight looked like it would be one-sided but Uraraka turned things around towards the end to give Bakugo a big scare.

Uraraka tries to put up a strong face in front of Midoriya after her defeat but lets her emotions loose when she talks to her father on the phone. She gave it her all and came pretty close to winning but Bakugo just outclassed her in every aspect. We saw a little bit of frustration after a loss last week with Yaoyorozu, and this week we see more of it as Uraraka bawls her eyes out.

This was an exciting episode which was made so through Uraraka’s smart thinking. The battle could have easily ended within a few seconds but Ochaco’s persistence dragged things on till that meteor shower and the neat explosion followup.

Next week should be intense with Todoroki up against Midoriya. Endeavor has told Midoriya that his son is built to surpass All Might, and defeating Midoriya will be a little test before that.

Todoroki is super strong but Midoriya has more raw strength. The problem is that using One for All leaves Midoriya with a few bones and muscles less to use which then puts him at a disadvantage, not to mention the accompanying pain. But when up against the likes of Todoroki, he will have no other choice but to sacrifice some fingers and maybe even a hand or an arm in order to win or even survive. If he’s lucky, he might even learn how to minimize the damage done when using One for All.

But the fight isn’t the only thing which has us excited; we will be getting some more background on Todoroki to go with the sakuga which should be worth watching. Todoroki is a rather interesting kid so getting some focus on him is more than welcome.

With Bones being consistent with this installment of My Hero Academia, some serious sakuga is confirmed for next week’s spectacle. They can’t possibly disappoint us with this much awaited fight. A lot of excitement and intensity is expected next episode.

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