My Hero Academia 21: A Plethora Of Thrills

My Hero Academia 21: A Plethora Of Thrills

My Hero Academia’s latest episode spends some time showing all the other characters’ battles all while Uraraka mentally prepares herself for her doom.

All the battles are shown here but to our disappointment, each fight ends up way too quickly. Though it is good that they showed them all.

Kaminari gets too full of himself and zaps Ibara without even trying to figure out what her quirk is and how to approach her. She uses her vine hair and takes out him in no time. Ashido and Aoyama’s fight also ends quite quickly as Ashido skillfully dodges the belly button laser beams.

Hatsume’s battle with Iida was amusing because it wasn’t a battle at all. She played with Iida throughout the battle all so that she could advertise her “babies” to the hero support companies. And after she does her job, she steps out of the ring just like that. Her purpose in this tournament was to advertise her skills and that’s just what she did here.

Momo’s fight disappoints everyone, including her. Tokoyami overpowers her so much and doesn’t give her time for a counterattack. He pushes her out of bounds with his dark shadow quite easily. Momo came in on a recommendation like Todoroki so obviously everyone expected her to deliver a thrilling fight and end it with her victory. But Tokoyami was just too fast for her and she couldn’t show off her coolness.

Tetsutetsu and Kirishima are equals in every way and they end up knocking each other out. The winner will now be decided by a match of arm wrestling, which will probably have the same result, given that they’re equally matched with their raw strength.

And while all these fights are going on, we see Midoriya taking notes on everyone so that he can come up with countermeasures in case he has to fight any one of them. We also see the heroes in the audience take note of which kid can make a good sidekick–which is the entire purpose of this sports festival to begin with.

This episode was filled with exciting, even if short, fights. Watch the best of them below:

Poor little Uraraka is the most nervous of all as she has to soon face the hothead named Bakugo. He is known not to hold back his punches and since he hates losing and since he is aiming for the top spot, he has even more reason not to go easy on anyone. He will be merciless to this sweet little girl and treat her like he would treat anyone else.

And that’s a problem for her. Uraraka’s quirk isn’t exactly made for combat with the likes of Bakugo. She needs to touch him in order to even use her power on him. To make things even more difficult, there isn’t anything around her to use against Bakugo. Getting close to him is going to be quite tough. But by the looks of the next episode preview, she is probably giving Bakugo a tough time. She has her reasons for wanting to become a hero and isn’t going to give up that easily.

She also refuses help from Midoriya. The kid offers his assistance but she refuses, saying that she wants to do this on her own and not rely on anyone. She has gotten some inspiration from Iida-kun who had earlier joined Todoroki’s team instead of Midoriya’s for the cavalry battle and even ended up taking the million points from his friend.

It was nice that they showed each fight here. They did skip a big chunk of Kirishima’s fight, but that doesn’t really matter since they gave us some Uraraka time instead.

There were some small bursts of animation here and there, but we should be getting some good explosions next week given it’ll be Bakugo’s fight after all. Ashido’s fight looked cool with her ice skating-like moves and those camera movements.

Next week is Uraraka time and we’ll be rooting for her, even though her defeat is inevitable.

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