My Hero Academia 19: One Backstory And Real Progress

My Hero Academia 19: One Backstory And Real Progress

We get our low-key episode and some focus on Todoroki in My Hero Academia this week. The shift from Midoriya to Todoroki is quite welcome.

Endeavor was the number one hero until All Might arrived. The blond hero was such a formidable force that Endeavor couldn’t hope to best him, so he gave up on beating All Might himself and is now trying to beat him with the next generation i.e. Todoroki. Endeavor is a bit like Bakugo: he can’t stand that someone else is better than him and he despises All Might because he’s better and so wants to do everything possible to beat him. Endeavor married a woman with an ice quirk and the resulting child, Todoroki, got both an ice and fire quirk. The only reason why Endeavor married her was because of her quirk, and since he was a world famous hero and had tons of cash, he got what he wanted.

Todoroki doesn’t like that his father is such a person who only has being number one on his mind. He’s still going to beat All Might, but he won’t use the genes he got from his father, rather, he’ll only use the genes inherited from his maternal side.

Todoroki has got a much serious back story unlike Midoriya who only wants to be a hero to become like All Might. He doesn’t have any serious reason, in fact; he didn’t even have a quirk up until a few months ago. There are no family problems on his side and he doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone. But instead of feeling bad about himself, he shows Todoroki his resolve to give this tournament everything he’s got and not give up. He has support from a lot of people and All Might even has some hopes for him, so he can’t back down. He may not have a dark story, but he’ll still go ahead towards his goal.

Todoroki suspects something is up between All Might and Midoriya, but he doesn’t know what. He got the same feeling of overwhelming power when Midoriya used his All For One as when he saw All Might fighting. All he knows is that All Might has his eye on the green haired kid and that this kid is the hero’s successor, and possibly even as strong (or at least will be soon enough) and must be defeated.

Bakugo overhears Todoroki’s story. We don’t see if he gives any reaction to it, but if Bakugo did see himself as acting like Endeavor, there are some chances that he might slightly change. It would be some nice character development if he changes and stops hating everyone better than him.

The latter half of the show is the recreational segment of the sports festival where all the losers are passing time playing some games, cheerleading and having some fun, whereas those who have progressed to the next round are busy focusing; making strategies; conserving strength; and, in the case of the 1-A girls, cheerleading because Mineta talked them into it.

To our surprise, they start the next round within this episode. It’s a one-on-one fight tournament in a Dragon Ball Z-like ring with similar rules too: get your opponent out of the ring, make them give up, or knock them out, though life-threatening moves are prohibited.

And the first match is Midoriya against Shinso. Shinso has a hypnosis-like mind control power, which allows him to make anyone do his bidding without that person being aware of it. The trigger for his ability is the opponent replying to him. Ohji warns Midoriya about replying to him, but he does so anyway when Shinso angers him.

Shinso’s ability is interesting but it has its flaws too. In a dangerous situation created by a human ennemy, he can hypnotize by simply talking to them and take care of the situation. But if the situation involves something non-living, then it’s pretty much useless.

He is a rather different character as he’s less hero-like compared to the others, given how he uses his teammates rather than works with them–a reason why two of his teammates withdraw.

It’s obvious that they won’t kick Midoriya out in just the first round; he will pass onto the next round to battle with Todoroki. It’s nice that they aren’t making this out to be one giant finale and they’re getting the Todoroki-Midoriya showdown done with quickly. This will be an interesting fight to look forward to since Todoroki’s first one will be a walk through the park, given how he overpowers almost everyone. Bakugo’s first fight is with poor little Uraraka; she’s pretty much doomed as there’s no way for her to escape defeat.

We’re going back to the intensities here with this round. After a lacking episode animation-wise, Bones will be resuming their sakuga delivery now. Midoriya’s first fight is quite the challenge since he has been controlled by Shinso already. This fight probably wouldn’t be as interesting as the upcoming one against Todoroki, but it should still be something worth watching.

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