My Hero Academia 18: Imperfect But Exciting

My Hero Academia 18: Imperfect But Exciting

My Hero Academia wraps up the cavalry battle with some serious intensity as this episode is yet another visually arresting display.

The show continues to drag things on, but this time in a different style. Last episode we had some relatively useless scenes taking up our time. This week, My Hero Academia shows almost the entire second half of the previous episode in the form of flashbacks and recaps because they had to drag the cavalry battle till the end of the episode. If they were going to show flashbacks of the previous events anyway then why not start the cavalry battle in this episode? Sure this episode was exciting and intense, but at times the amount of flashbacks tends to get a bit annoying.

Bakugo got his points stolen but he’s not giving up. The B class students were making strategies to take out the A class kids while they were all distracted. But Monoma didn’t take into account Bakugo’s strong desire to become number one. Bakugo uses raw power to snatch all of Monoma’s points. But Bakugo doesn’t only know how to use himself; he knows how to use others too as, after snatching some points himself, he takes his team to get the last headband.

Bakugo’s burning ambition to be the best of the best is not to be underestimated. The 1-B students lacked the resolve to surpass everyone and only thought about surviving; 1-A students, on the other hand, only thought about rising to the top. Bakugo couldn’t stand someone else beating him which resulted in his merciless attack on Monoma.

My Hero Academia is taking the unexpected route here with regards to Midoriya. While it was expected that someone would take away the million points, it was rather unexpected that Todoroki would end up in the top spot and Midoriya wouldn’t take back enough points.

The scene of Iida accelerating like crazy and to zoom past Midoriya was amazing. The portrayal of this immense speed boost is particularly worth noting. The way the background is animated to be sort of stretched, and somewhat blurred, to show the speed when Midoriya is crossed looks cool.

Midoriya also uses his quirk here and makes use of his subconscious control of his power when using it on a human. He uses it on Todoroki to move his hand away to grab a headband and succeeds, though he gets the wrong one.

They stretch the final ten seconds to around a minute and deliver quite the thrilling end. Midoriya doesn’t manage to get the required number of points, but Tokoyami does and the team ends up in fourth place and qualifies. It was obvious that Midoriya would advance to the next round, but what wasn’t obvious was his position. They already shot the kid into first spot in the previous round which was unexpected as is. This time he just barely survives. He got lucky in the first round as his explosive plan worked, but this time around he wasn’t that lucky. He made it through, but couldn’t retain all his points.

This cavalry battle was finished off by some brilliant animation moments. Watch the best of them below:

This episode, while being annoying with all that recapping, still managed to be a thrilling display with a lot of animation highlights. They managed to give this battle the intensity it needed to be exhilarating.

The next episode looks to be a rather low-key one as it’s lunch break in the stadium. Todoroki’s dad, Endeavor, is going to have a chat with All Might regarding whatever, all while their own successors are having a talk themselves. If we go by the next episode’s title, we may be getting a Todoroki-focused episode. We already know that he doesn’t want to become a flame hero and follow in his dad’s footsteps since he doesn’t use his flaming left half and all, but what reasons are behind this decision will probably be revealed next week, or maybe the week after that given the show’s speed. Todoroki will also have some questions regarding Midoriya’s quirk which has a force reminiscent of All Might’s. But he really isn’t interested in Midoriya and his relationship with All Might if we go by what he said before the tournament started.

Bones hasn’t really done any wonders with their character acting scenes so far, so there are less chances that we get some low-key sakuga in this coming low-key episode. But you never know what Bones may throw our way.

The focus on someone other than Midoriya should be interesting, though our green-haired kid may still get some focus through shedding light on someone else.

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