My Hero Academia 17: Back To Bad Habits

My Hero Academia 17: Back To Bad Habits

My Hero Academia decides to waste some time with its seventeenth episode, before going into the actual cavalry battle.

The first half is basically a waste of time: it shows the students choosing their teams for the battle. It’s 15 minutes long and that’s approximately the same amount of time this episode wastes.

Sure the part where Iida refuses Midoriya’s offer to team up was quite interesting, but we really didn’t need to see Mineta crying over how he couldn’t team up with a cute girl, or the formation of every single team. The selection process could’ve been shortened and the episode and jumped straight into the battle. But since My Hero Academia loves taking its sweet time with everything, this much was expected.

Midoriya wanted to team up with Uraraka, Iida and one other person. He had the perfect plan, but Iida refuses the offer because in this game, there are no friends; everyone is a rival.

The hero thing here is being pushed forward as a business; everyone has to earn some cash out of this and the more popular you are, the more you can earn. This sports festival, while training the kids with their quirks and helping them get noticed by the pro heroes, is also teaching the kids how to survive when the competition is tough, and how to steal the spotlight from others. It is also preparing them for situations where they can’t go solo and would have to get help from other quirks.

As expected, almost everyone goes after Midoriya and his team. But with help from Tokoyami’s shadow, Hatsume’s support equipment, and Uraraka’s anti gravity power, they manage to escape every attack, from Mineta’s grape balls to Bakugo’s insane jump. And Midoriya’s planning is making all this happen. He can’t use his brawn so he’s making up for that with his brain.

But in the midst of all the attacking on Midoriya, 1-B takes the lead, leaving behind most of 1-A, Bakugo included. Most of 1-A is after the top spot only, and the other kids are profiting from that. 1-B manages to get more points than Todoroki and one kid even gets the headband off Bakugo. Most of the other participants only observed during the first round and are now turning the tables on the 1-A students, and in turn, having everyone’s attention turned towards them.

The great Bakugo had his headband taken away which obviously angered him quite a lot. He was busy focusing on snatching the million points from Midoriya but ended up getting his own 200 points stolen. Now he is planning on decimating everyone else first before going for Deku.

Todoroki has come face to face with Midoriya which is going to be a problem for the little kid. Todoroki also has a strong team to go with his high skill level; his team has the super fast Iida-kun, and Yaoyorozu who has the second recommendation seat of the class–these two are enough to make their team dangerous and Todoroki being on top adds to the strength quite a lot. Midoriya has been using his mind only in coming up with different strategies to escape and how to use his members. But Todoroki isn’t a dumb kid either so he can outdo Deku here.

Since half of the episode was setting up the teams for the cavalry battle, we don’t get much sakuga here. There are a couple of scenes surrounding Midoriya escaping attacks from all sides which are look neat, but since this isn’t an action heavy spectacle, there aren’t many noteworthy scenes.

Most of this episode’s enjoyment depends on how much you like the time that was wasted. The second half is only the start of the battle as things are about to heat up with Todoroki facing off with Midoriya and seemingly getting his headband, if we go by what the preview shows us.

My Hero Academia really needs to speed up and not waste time like the first half of this episode was wasted. If they show some useful stuff then it’s okay, but showing irrelevant, not funny enough things will only hurt it. Though expecting it to speed up would only end in disappointment given the first season’s similar pacing.

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  1. I don’t think the first half was a waste of time. Building the characters is very important for a shounen manga on the long run alongside the situation they’re at, especially since the story is only beginning. else the story risks getting stale if it reaches a point where you don’t know them enough to care about what’s happening.

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