My Hero Academia 16: In Which Midoriya Outsmarts The Strong

My Hero Academia 16: In Which Midoriya Outsmarts The Strong

My Hero Academia goes full epic with this latest spectacle as it wrap up the obstacle course with some awesome sakuga.

Todoroki had frozen his way through the robots while causing some problems for those behind him. But Bakugo isn’t losing that easily as he’s the second person across, blasting away over the robots. The 1-A students are generally performing better since they have actual battlefield experience as compared to 1-B or the other classes. They have better judgment of the situations than the other classes and they hesitate less when coming to a decision. And this is thanks to that terrorist attack they all experienced.

Midoriya uses his brain here as he takes advantage of a piece of blown-up robot as a shield and weapon. He can’t use his quirk at this point so this is what he’s going for.

The next big obstacle is “The Fall” which has ropes for crossing and quite the drop if one loses balance. The entire purpose of this obstacle course is that the students use their quirks in different ways to overcome whatever is thrown at them. Midoriya is the only exception here as everyone else is using their abilities to overcome everything in their path.

The final obstacle is what’s really the best part of this episode. It’s a minefield; the mines aren’t real, but they still pack quite a punch. Since there are mines everywhere and one can see where they are, everyone slows down. Even the super fast Iida-kun can’t run his way out of the minefield without blowing up. Todoroki slows down considerably which gives Bakugo enough time to blast his way to the front where he starts trying to pull down Todoroki.

Meanwhile, Midoriya sees that there is no chance for him to win if he crosses the minefield like everyone else because it’s simply that big and he’s not fast enough. So he takes a page out of Bakugo’s book of explosions and does the same, except with way more power and the help of mines. He digs out some mines and, with help from that piece of metal he was carrying, sends himself flying right into first place.

Todoroki and Bakugo stop fighting each other and start running towards the finish line without caring about anything else. As Midoriya loses altitude and speed, he uses the two in close second to boost himself and then slam the mines right underneath to give himself a final push towards the finish. It’s a scene of epic proportions as we witness Midoriya defy all odds and come out on top in a beautifully animated scene. Seeing this underdog emerge victorious while defeating all others is quite the treat. They could have easily made Midoriya come in last, which was the expected route, but this turn of events worked perfectly here.

All Might told Midoriya to tell the world that he is here, and the kid’s done just that with this first game. And what’s more, he’s the most valuable kid in the entire stadium right now with a million point bounty on his head as the next game is a cavalry battle. There’s a point system here with Izuku having the most points being first and all, and in this game, whoever you defeat, you get his points. Now everyone is looking to bring down this kid, get his points and blast into first place. Who will team up with Midoriya is to be seen, but the most probable members are Iida and Uchako given how they’re his closest friends. Bakugo and Todoroki also have a lot of points so it’ll be interesting to see who sides with them because they’re also targets like Midoriya, albeit of relatively lesser value.

They’re putting forward these heroes as both selfish and selfless people. They help out others no matter what the situation, but they want to be the one who helps out, not someone else. When it comes to their own comrades, everyone’s an enemy. A hero’s future depends a lot on their popularity and reputation. Heroes are symbols of justice and peace so they must also have an image to go with that. This game is having the kids push away everyone else to stand out for their own sake; it’s everyone for themselves here–if anyone is in trouble somewhere then that’s their problem.

While this game was everyone for themselves, the upcoming cavalry battle is all about teamwork. The kids have to decide who they want to team up with based on their usefulness, and after that they would have to work together to take out the target which would yield the most points. They have to firstly pick the right members for a team because if anyone’s useless then it’s game over. The hero support team classes should play a bigger role here given the gameplay and all. We should get some more focus on them now as the people behind the scenes of those heroic acts.

This is the second time Bakugo has lost to Midoriya and this will be eating up on him. He, and Todoroki too, will be out for Midoriya’s head first and foremost. We also learn that Todoroki’s father is second only to All Might, which might explain why Todoroki wants to defeat All Might’s favorite so badly. He probably wants to prove that his dad’s successor is better than All Might’s successor.

This school festival arc sure is ramping up the excitement levels of this show. Midoriya has gotten by without using All for One, but how long can he keep this up? He’ll soon be faced with a situation where he will have no other choice but to use his quirk, and it will be interesting to see how he will get out of it without being rendered immobile.

This cavalry battle should be almost as thrilling as the obstacle course was and we’re bound to get more sakuga goodness here.

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