My Hero Academia 15: A Festival In More Ways Than One

My Hero Academia 15: A Festival In More Ways Than One

The sports festival starts in the latest spectacle of My Hero Academia and as we had suspected, Bones have started dropping the sakuga bombs on us.

The first half is basically Midoriya finding his resolve to become All Might’s successor. He has the legend himself teaching him so he had relaxed a bit, but after seeing everyone around him with such strong resolves about wanting to be the very best, he too finds his own. He can’t afford to fall behind since the future of the Symbol of Peace rests with him.

Students from the other U.A classes come over to 1-A to check out the kids who survived the villain attack. Bakugo is super arrogant and makes himself some more enemies. But he doesn’t really care since the only thing on his mind is beating everyone, to the point that when he’s called on stage for the pledge, he says that he’ll be number one, as was expected of him.

Right before the sports festival, Todoroki gives Izuku a declaration of war. Everyone knows that All Might has his eye on Izuku, but no one knows the reason for it. Frog girl did speculate that Izuku’s quirk being similar to All Might’s is the reason, but that is, after all, only speculation. Todoroki declares to Izuku that he will defeat the kid. He wants All Might to notice him and take him in as his student. It’s a really big honor to have the Symbol of Peace for a teacher and Todoroki wants that. It could also be that he wants to prove to everyone that he is better than All Might’s favorite, regardless of whether he gets to become his disciple or not.

The one at the greatest disadvantage here is Izuku. While everyone has good control over their quirks, Izuku can only use his once. He’ll have to use it after thinking a thousand times over because of how it immobilizes him. He will have to rely on his brain more than his power to come out alive.

As for the sports festival, the first game is an obstacle course. And with this being the U.A Sports Festival, it should be plenty obvious that this isn’t going to be a normal obstacle course.

The first obstacle is getting out of the stadium; a hundred kids have to leave and the exit isn’t big enough for them to pass all at once. Todoroki shows off his skills here as he blast freezes everything and everyone to stop them from moving so that it gets easier for him to move out.

Todoroki is one of the two students in 1-A who came in on a recommendation; his father is a top-notch hero, whom we have yet to see, and he has to prove to everyone that he deserves his place since he didn’t take the entrance exam. And to prove his might, he takes out the first robotic obstacle in front in one brilliantly animated move. This scene marks the start of the sakuga festival as “gorgeous” doesn’t even begin to describe the quality of this scene.

Watch the most beautiful demonstrations of Bones’ animation prowess from this episode:

Todoroki takes out the robots while they were off balance which results in them toppling over almost immediately after getting frozen, blocking the way for the following students. The only rule in this game is probably not to kill anyone because the kids are mostly free to do whatever it takes to win. They can use their quirks or their brains in whatever way they want in order to beat the others.

One thing which is starting to show itself again here is the incredibly slow pacing of this show. The first season was known for its snail-like pace and this one is also similarly slow. While the exciting action-filled episodes might not be effected negatively by this kind of speed, the relatively uneventful episodes might be a bit of a pain to watch.

By the looks of things, the next episode will be entirely the remainder of the obstacle course. Todoroki may have gotten all the attention with his flashy head start but the others shouldn’t be dismissed that easily. A bunch of kids broke through his first freezing to surprise him after all. We’ve seen how Todoroki can use his powers to give the others a tough time and us some sakuga goodness, so it will surely be interesting to see how the others do the same. Izuku will be in a pinch given how he has this big handicap in the form of his All for One power which he’ll have to overcome.

Just like how this episode had some serious excitement, we’re bound to get more of that courtesy of Bones’ visual prowess.

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