My Hero Academia 14: Pleasing Even Without Action

My Hero Academia 14: Pleasing Even Without Action

My Hero Academia is back after a year and unlike its prequel, this is here to stay for two seasons, which means we’ll be getting more sakuga than before.

Right off the bat Bones throws in some glorious animation as the scene right before the OP kicks in is just too beautiful. And we get another mention of the fact that all this is the story of how Izuku becomes All Might’s replacement. We’d really love to see Izuku’s entire fight here, if it ever happens, that is.

And the OP itself looks pretty good, too. Watch below:

We have a total of around five minutes where we get a tiny summary about what happened in the previous season. There was already an episode 0 before this which summarized the entire first season so that they can skip all that and move on quickly. The summary episode served as a nice refresher in case anyone wanted to know the main events of what happened almost a year ago.

In this episode’s short summary, we learn of All Might’s real name, Toshinori Yagi, and that he has a sensei. Who this teacher really is and if he’ll be relevant later on is something we’ll have to wait to see.

Moving on, we have All Might, the animal principal, and three other heroes discussing who could be behind the so-called “League of Villains.” All Might calls the face palm villain a “man-child” for how he acts with such arrogance, then starts throwing a fit when his plans are foiled. The principal goes a bit further with this idea: what if he’s being used by someone? Just like how this school is nurturing kids into good heroes, what if someone is turning that “kid” into a stronger villain?

Going back to the classroom, Aizawa is back after getting beaten up in the last season, though he’s wrapped up like a mummy straight out of his coffin. Here he announces that the sports festival will happen as planned, with extra security of course. With a big incident having happened not too long ago in the school, it might seem foolish to have a sports festival, but this sports festival is a bigger event than the Olympics. Plus they don’t want to show those terrorists that they’re afraid or anything.

The purpose of this sports festival isn’t to have fun, it’s to prove your worth in front of the spectators which include some top level heroes. And if you catch the eyes of one of them, it’ll help make your entry into the hero world way easier. You might even get to be their sidekick.

And this is the platform All Might chooses for Izuku to show off his skills. All Might chose Izuku to be the next Symbol of Peace but his time is running out faster than he had expected since he overdid himself. He wants Izuku to take over fast, but the problem is that Izuku doesn’t have full control over the One For All power. There is a positive sign here: in the prequel’s scene where Izuku punches the enemy with his power, he doesn’t do any damage to anyone. All Might claims that this was an instance of Izuku subconsciously restraining himself because it was the first time he had used his power punch on a living being. It’s good in that there is an instance where he can show some restraint but he probably won’t have to punch anyone in the sports festival anyway. How this will be of any use is unclear at the moment.

During lunch break, Izuku asks Ochaco why she’s becoming a hero and her answer is a rather unexpected one. While Izuku wants to be a savior like All Might, while Bakugo wants to prove he’s superior, and while Iida has to live up to the expectations of his heroic family, Ochaco doesn’t have any reason like that. Her reason is simply so that she can make a living out of it. Her family is facing some financial problems and she wants to help earn money for them by using her powers after becoming a certified hero.

While many would use their superpowers to fight crime and the forces of evil, Ochaco doesn’t have such a goal. Her goal is rather simple which shows that not everyone would use their powers for good or its polar opposite; there are people with superpowers who simply want to live a peaceful, comfortable life. Despite being in such a prestigious school known for churning out the most professional heroes out of any institution, Ochaco is still determined with her own goal. It’s nice to see that there are people there with rather realistic goals as opposed to the idealistic ones of wanting to be the best hero or the such.

Not everyone has what it takes to be a world-saving hero; not everyone with superpowers has the same dream of saving the world. There are people who don’t have such wildly ambitious dreams and focus on what they can do.

This episode was a set up for the upcoming sports festival. It lacked sakuga, though it doesn’t really matter since the sports festival starts next week which means more quality animation. And we got that nice little part with Ochaco instead. All Might has told Izuku what he expects of him and he hopes that the shounen lives up to his expectations and fast, because time is of essence. All Might’s limit is decreasing fast and villains all around are after this “Symbol of Peace”.

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