Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 8: Now Even Bloodier

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 8: Now Even Bloodier

Mahoiku’s latest episode speeds up the killing process and sets up things for a possible big clash of magical girls.

Sister Nana and Winterprison’s little meeting with swimming girl’s gang was bound to have a bad end. Swim Swim’s group launches a surprise attack using the twin angels’ transformation ability and their invisibility cloak; they turn into Sister Nana and crash into her to confuse Winterprison, following it up with a knife to her stomach. The only way to defeat Weiss was to use Nana and that’s exactly what they did here.

But Winterprison doesn’t go down just like that; she throws Nana out to safety and uses the walls to trap the angels, after which she takes Yunael’s head and slams it into a wall. It doesn’t save her from Swim Swim who slices her arm off, but she at least takes down someone. This four on one fight is short, intense, brutal; it marks the first time that two girls have been killed in one week, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll stay restricted to this number for long.

The death of Winterprison comes as a shock to Nana; she lost her only supporter, her bodyguard, the only one she could trust, her wife, so obviously it is going to have a big impact on her. Winterprison was lucky to get away with it after Nana ticked off Calamity Mary by telling her to stop committing crimes, but she wasn’t so lucky this time. And Nana has her blind idealism to blame for this death. It was foolish enough to go to the very party who backstabbed their own leader; was she really thinking that this group would actually be interested in teaming up with someone? This death should serve as a wakeup call for the sister; no one can be trusted in this messed up game. There’s no point in trying to stick to her ideals like this, and it has all been made painfully evident to her now.

One of two things can happen to Nana here: either she forgets her ideals and leaves her little world to face reality while still keeping her sanity, or she loses her mind and goes insane. The first one will result in her becoming someone like Ripple, she wouldn’t trust anyone, save for Snow White, and try to live for her own sake; she would forget about trying to stop this game and only focus on surviving. The second one would be a mental breakdown and she would embrace the deadly nature of this twisted game and go wild, or something along those lines.

Nana breaking down into despair and cursing the world would certainly spice things up, but keep in mind what Kyuubei’s cousin said to Koyuki: they won’t lose their sanity in this game. Now whether he was only talking about Koyuki specifically or if he was talking about all of the girls in general should be clear sooner or later.

This is the only death so far which has had some degree of emotional impact. It is similar to La Pucelle’s, as in someone close to another girl died while protecting her and the show tries to give an emotional punch using the effected girls’ emotions. Koyuki didn’t have as strong a reaction as Nana’s which helps give this passing some sympathetic power.

The team Nana just formed is now weak: the only combat oriented mahou shoujo they had is no more. And this poses a big threat to Koyuki who only depended on others up till now. Who will protect her now? She stands no chance against any other participant. And what will happen to Nana most of all? Her magic is only supportive, so how will she survive?

We get to see the daily life of Top Speed and it turns out that she’s married and is living a rather happy life with her lovable husband. This information helps us understand what that six month thing was all about: Top Speed is three months pregnant and has to live for another six months for the sake of her baby. This is the only possibility with the most strength given whatever they’ve shown of her so far. And with this little insight on her life, the size of Top Speed’s death flag has increased exponentially. A demise which is sure to be emotionally charged if it happens.

We get another confirmation about the game’s true nature. Calamity Mary, as her name suggests, brought quite the calamity upon her family by being an alcoholic who beats up her little daughter, to the point that her husband had to leave with their kid. And Fav chose this woman by saying that she was suitable to become a mahou shoujo. Such a terrible woman is in no way a good choice for a magical girl.

And said terrible woman shows this side of her quite openly by randomly shooting down cars when her primary target, Ripple, escapes with Top Speed. She’s doing this not because she likes it—it’s not enough fun blowing up cars anyway—she’s doing it to lure back Ripple to take her down.

But Ripple isn’t the only one she’s luring, she’s also calling Koyuki whose head is hurting with all those cries for help. Hardgore Alice comes to aid Snow White for God knows what reason. Swim Swim’s group is also going to show up, not to help those affected by all this madness, but to take out the magical girls conveniently gathered in one place.

At this point, the magical candies have become rather irrelevant; no one cares about them anymore and are only focusing on either hiding or hunting.

This episode is another thriller which is setting up things for a big clash of magical girls. This encounter will possibly have Top Speed dying, but we can’t forget the presence of Ripple, Koyuki and Alice, who can protect her. We also have Swim-chan’s group who can land on Mary’s radar if her primary target escapes and has to kill someone, or simply if she doesn’t feel like stopping.

There isn’t one obvious ending to any event Mahoiku starts and this one’s no different. Anyone can die at any time which has just been made painfully evident to Nana and Minael. The latter was already a bit twisted and now she has completely lost it. It will be interesting to see Nana’s changes. The next episode’s title hints towards the addition of a new rule in this game and just like the previous game updates, it will probably be making things spicier than they already are.

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