Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 7: Ominous Movements

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 7: Ominous Movements

If you thought that Mahoiku couldn’t get more brutal than that last episode, think again. This seventh outing is the bloodiest this show has been yet and it sure doesn’t look like it’s going to stop.

Last week we were left wondering whether Hardgore Alice has any weaknesses or not; this week, Calamity Mary decides to test Alice’s limits. She really is immortal because everything Mary does appears to be futile. The gunslinger girl does everything within her powers to try and kill Alice—she shows us quite a lot of ways to kill people in the process—but fails to erase this creepy goth loli’s from existence. The only way to kill her is to eliminate her real world self, which is unlikely since no one knows anyone’s original version except for a select few. There is, however, a very slight chance that Fav reveals some classified information, but that might be a bit too unfair and Fav doesn’t want to be biased towards any girl which has been seen on a number of occasions. But he’s Fav after all so there’s no telling what he might do.

Mary is trying so hard to kill Alice because she was the one who killed Magicaloid. Mary makes a contract similar to Cranberry’s in exchange for information on Magicaloid’s killer. Calamity girl most likely knows more than the rest about this game which gives us two possibilities regarding her: either she has carried on into this game from the previous batch, or she is the second mahou shoujo of this batch after Cranberry and thus has had more interactions with Cranberry and Fav so as to learn something.

After surviving the the maniac’s “harmless” attacks, Alice makes it to the place where Nana is meeting Snow White. Koyuki was hit hard by La Pucelle’s death and she can’t take on this game alone since she’s not the fighter type; she wants to continue living but can’t do it alone. Nana’s ideals resonate with her which gives her even more reason to team up.

This was pretty much expected after La Pucelle’s death. What we don’t understand right now are Alice’s motives; she joins the party saying that she wants to help Snow White, with her first instance of helping out being giving her the rabbit foot lucky item. She gives her reason as “she feels like it” but obviously no one’s going to buy this, including Snow-chan. Is she helping out Snow White on a whim? Then why aid Snow White specifically? Why not Ripple or Top Speed? They have successfully managed to make this mystery pretty intriguing.

Nana goes on to show just how ignorant she is of the current situation; she continues to pursue her ideals as a magical girl, wanting all of her kind to not fight each other and live peacefully. In her blindness she is going to Swim Swim’s group to ask them to help her in her cause. This is the very group which killed its own leader just two weeks ago; you can already guess that this meeting won’t have a pleasant ending.

Winterprison will, of course, be vigilant so we can expect some fighting here when they meet. Swim’s group is in no mood to team up with someone else which was made obvious in previous episodes through their rather malicious ideas; they only want to steal candies from others to ensure their own survival, thus ruling out this team up as Nana doesn’t want the stealing to continue.

On the other side of things, Calamity Mary has called on Ripple saying she wants to meet her over something important. Calamity Mary is bad news and everyone knows it. Ripple wants to avoid this meeting because it’s pretty obvious that it will end in them fighting. Even if the gunslinger has a proposal to collaborate—which she most likely doesn’t—Ripple won’t accept it; she didn’t accept the peaceful Nana’s invitation so why would she team up with murderous Mary? The reason for her rejecting the proposal to work together is linked to her background of being verbally abused and having run-ins with all sorts of retards thanks to her mom’s promiscuous nature.

No one dies in this episode which obviously means that the week’s dropout will be seen in the coming episode. There are three characters with the obvious death flags so far here: Sister Nana, Top Speed and Winterprison (which is the least likely one of the lot given her combat skills). Nana and Top Speed have the most chances of dying next week because of the meetings the two are going to; at least Winterprison might be able to take out a twin or two if things come down to it. Even though we get Ripple’s story told this week—and it wasn’t a nice one at that—it’s hard to believe that she’ll die considering the important role she’ll have to play soon as hinted by the opening sequence and her position in the promo visuals.

They’ve killed off characters after showing their background but this doesn’t seem to be the case here. Ripple will most likely be surviving, Top Speed being the one in danger in the meeting with Mary considering that six months thing she has going on, which she has yet to disclose. Mary will meet Ripple whether she likes it or not so there’s no point running away only to get chased down anyway.

We have three main parties established here: the baddies with Cranberry, Fav and Mary; the good kids under Nana; and Swim Swim’s group. Cranberry and Mary are working towards the same goal but they haven’t exactly teamed up yet; for all we know Cranberry might even fight Mary given how strong she is. But even if that were to happen, Cranberry would probably keep her for last since killing Mary may go against Fav’s will and you don’t want to anger the game mascot.

The way they switch focus among the girls is pretty neat. Even though Koyuki is the main character of this show, the amount of screen time she gets is no more than what the other girls are getting in this battle. Each is getting some time on screen which gives the impression that the center of attention isn’t just one girl.

With the flashbacks each girl gets, they’re trying to establish their personalities; the stories tell what kind of person each of these girls are and, in most cases, also shows the link it has with their magical girl powers.

Next week we can expect some fights as Mary will meet Top Speed and Ripple while the lesbians will meet swimmer girl and co. The one thing Mahoiku never fails at doing brilliantly is keeping us on the edge of our seats with its developments each week. Its habit of ending episodes with cliffhangers each week certainly doesn’t have us complaining.

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