Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 3: Minds Turned Dark

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku Episode 3: Minds Turned Dark

Things are starting to get a whole lot more exciting in Mahoiku as the real nature of the “game” is revealed to our magical girls.

The first eight or so minutes are yet again a bit lighthearted with the characters’ approach unchanged. They still don’t know what happened to Nemurin; Snow White is even seen wondering what her friend would be doing right now. This start is utilized to give Ruler and her gang some time under the spotlight.

Ruler, despite constantly calling them idiots, cares about her subordinates and doesn’t want them dropping out on her. She takes time to find work for Tama-chan and the twin angels,despite them being terrible at what they should do (amassing candy). Also on display is a level of hatred and jealousy towards Snow White for being better than everyone, the twins expressing a clear desire to surpass her.

The tone becomes more serious when Sister Nana calls some girls to the chat box with a matter she needs to discuss. Winterprison was going through the chat room’s backlog to find information about Nemurin when she found a conversation between Fav and Cranberry where the former confirms what fate the girls dumped from the game are met with.

It is soon after that all the magical girls are summoned to the chat box and are told by Fav that magical girls die when they cease to be magical. Oh, and the same fee applies to quitters. The fear starts setting in and a strong reaction comes from the girls to this news which hadn’t been mentioned anywhere (except maybe for the terms of conditions, but you know how serious we are all about reading these).

And thanks to a timely update which allows the transfer of magical candies, the girls are now able to transfer candies to anyone they want to save, or steal candies from anyone to save themselves. And the first to try and benefit from this update are Ruler’s gang; Tama-chan specifically. Ruler has devised a plan to steal candies from none other than Snow White even though the latter is accompanied by the sword-wielding La Pucelle. This means that either Ruler is strong enough to take on a knight, or she has an almost foolproof plan to prevent getting any damage from La Pucelle.

Such an encounter was hinted at previously when we saw Ruler as the one most annoyed by Snow White taking the lead even though she’s just a newbie.

Rule is thus pitting two pacifist characters against one another: Tama-chan who is shy and obviously doesn’t have any desire to fight (or experience for that matter), and Snow White, the typical mahou shoujo who remains utterly convinced magical girls should never fight against each other. At the same time, both of them evidently don’t want to die and will therefore try their best to survive. Tama-chan may have already made her peace with fighting considering Ruler has ordered her to do so, but the problem lies with Snow White who will have to go against her beliefs in order to survive. The worst in all this? The attack comes mere minutes before the announcement of the weekly rankings, which means that the next few minutes will decide who dies and who stays.

Snow White believes that magical girls are pure, righteous and beautiful; that they only live to fight villains and help people out. Their reason for helping people has already turned selfish, though, their ultimate goal being their own survival rather than ensuring the well-being of others. This inner conflict is likely going form the series’ core. It is, after all, White Snow who will be most affected by this perverse manipulation of what magical girls stand for; as such, it’ll be interesting to see if she can collect candies while still upholding her ideals.

And this is probably just the first of many such fights for the sake of candy. On the friendlier (but still cynical) side of the spectrum, the villainous Calamity Mary and Magicaloid are seemingly teaming up. And the pair could prove very dangerous: Magicaloid has a flair for making profitable decisions, while Mary’s behavior is hardly scrupulous, what with her being an outlaw.

The update allowing candy transfer seems time too perfectly to be a simple coincidence. It could have come out before the battle started, but only did after. Coupled with the rule that anyone who drops out or is eliminated from the game dies in real life, it gives strength to the theory that it was all designed for the sole purpose of having the girls fight each other at some point.

Each of them is slowly getting focus, though the name of the next victim remains pleasantly mysterious. For all we know, the show may have a betrayal subplot in store if Tama-chan fails to get the candies from Snow White and turns her attention to someone else, or if La Pucelle ends up swiping candy from the aggressors. Trust is obviously feeble in these conditions, and it’ll be pretty interesting if someone ends up stabbing the other in the back. The most likely outcome is that Tama-chan will die, and it’ll be up to the show’s presentation to make it worth anything at all.

This episode could be termed as the calm before the storm. Everything is being set up quite nicely for the death match that will ensue. The previous displays’ lighthearted atmosphere has now been turned dark and serious as these girls will be fighting with survival in mind. Most may even go as far as to kill a fellow magical girl themselves in case their life is endangered. After this episode’s series of evenets, Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku is bound to get exciting.

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